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Patient Testimonials

Mrs. Carleen Jane Dahya

New Zealand 05 Feb 2020

Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful experience and chance to live life as a skinny person. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating.

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Shalendra Sen Andrew and Astika Andrew.

Fiji 22 Jan 2020

We just wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for the wonderful medical treatment and care you all showed to me as patient and my spouse as attendant following my recent CABG surgery.

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Prince Luke.

21 Jan 2020

We are very happy that we were treated at MIOT a world class hospital . We believe through the Grace of God and the excellent love and care from your esteemed hospital we as a family were able to recover from such a critical sickness.

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands 13 Jan 2020

Overall experience is great right from the OPD first day to the day of discharge after medical procedure. The quality to deal with the patient is extraordinarily patient friendly.

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Michel Pierre Larue

Seychelles 10 Dec 2019

The staff were very welcoming and immediately helped you feel settled with regular check in’s to ensure all was running smoothly and that we were always comfortable.

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10 Dec 2019

I am fully recovered now because of Dr.Jaishankar.

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K Ramachandran

03 Dec 2019

During our brief stay in the hospital we were very comfortable without facing any problem and tension.

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25 Nov 2019

This is to express my grateful appreciation and thanks to Dr. Barry D'Rosario for having very successfully performed the surgery (TKR) on my knee.

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