MIOT A to Z Bones Camp

The story of your bones. One that started in the womb, barely 6 weeks into your life cycle and has continued for the rest of your life. A story of 206 bones, ably supported by 360 joints, 640 muscles, 300 tendons , 740 ligaments and miles of cartilage that criss-cross your body from head to toe. They have shaped you, supported you, protected your internal organs and above all made your every movement possible. What makes the story truly amazing is the remarkable ability of bone to regenerate and move on, despite damage from advancing age, disease and injury.

Over the last 20 years, we at MIOT International, have invested resources and talent to Specialise in the repair, renewal and healing of every part of this amazing organ system. The World’s First Ever A-Z Bones camp from MIOT celebrates the spirit of thousands of patients from all over the world who come to us, seeking a better quality of life from the advanced and personalised Orthopaedic treatments that we offer.

MIOT A to Z Bones Camp is conducted in :

A. Chennai: MIOT International

B. Tirupathi: MIOT Outreach Clinic Tirupati

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