MIOT A to Z Bones Camp

The story of your bones. One that started in the womb, barely 6 weeks into your life cycle and has continued for the rest of your life. A story of 206 bones, ably supported by 360 joints, 640 muscles, 300 tendons , 740 ligaments and miles of cartilage that criss-cross your body from head to toe. They have shaped you, supported you, protected your internal organs and above all made your every movement possible. What makes the story truly amazing is the remarkable ability of bone to regenerate and move on, despite damage from advancing age, disease and injury.

Over the last 24 years, we at MIOT International, have invested resources and talent to Specialise in the repair, renewal and healing of every part of this amazing organ system. The World’s First Ever A-Z Bones camp from MIOT celebrates the spirit of thousands of patients from all over the world who come to us, seeking a better quality of life from the advanced and personalised Orthopaedic treatments that we offer.

Specialities covered:
  • Deformities (Paediatric & Accidents)
  • Joint Replacement (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
  • Spine
  • Sports Medicine
MIOT A to Z Bones Camp is conducted in:
  • A. Chennai: MIOT International
  • B. Tirupathi: MIOT Outreach Clinic Tirupati

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Bone Deformities

Our patients with Bone deformities, most of whom go home with excellent outcomes benefit from our experience over the last 24 years which has led to a Team of Specialists for every kind of bone deformity at MIOT , be it Spine, Hip, Shoulder or Limbs.

What causes deformities in the bone?

The causes could be many. They could range from Genetic disorders, damage of baby in the womb or at birth, Infections or diseases that affect the bone at childhood, fractures that have been untreated or wrongly treated, post Accident , Arthritis or Rheumatoid disorders, etc . Age, bone health & general health condition could also influence the effect of the basic cause. Therefore an accurate diagnosis of the case is key to a successful deformity correction.

Joint Replacement

How do joint problems arise?
  • Joint problems arise on account of accidents, obesity, deformity, bone disease or wear & tear
  • It results in intense pain, swelling, redness or warmth around the joint. Persistent pain over 2 weeks should be checked out by a Specialist who specialises in the affected Joint (eg , Hip Joint Specialist for a hip joint).
When does a Joint Replacement become necessary?
  • When the joint is completely worn out or injured to the extent that it does not allow for even routine tasks without support
  • When the pain keeps you awake, even with pain killers
  • When tests show that the joint is completely worn out or damaged.
The Joint Replacement Solution
  • Each one of our 360 joints is different in size, shape and design based on its location and the movement that it facilitates – be it the rotation in our shoulder, hip & knees or the sliding moving in our wrists & ankles.

When any of them stops working due to injury, disease or wear & tear, it can be replaced with an artificial joint (implant) made of plastic, metal, ceramic, polymer or titanium through a Joint Replacement surgery. However the earlier ease of movement & stability is restored for a lifetime only when the artificial implant has bonded completely with the natural bone.


Today, advances in treatments for Spine related problems are returning affected people to normal lives & favourite activities – safely & quickly. These problems could include curved backbone , disc problems, Spine tumours & infections, Spine fractures etc. We usually delay treatment or go in for alternative therapies as we fear any treatment of our back bone. However success with patients at leading centres aross the world and at MIOT International has shown us that a safe & good outcome is possible across conditions when you approach an experienced & high volume centre (MIOT handles over 800 - 1000 cases annually) which has experienced Spine specialists, state-of-the-art facilities & latest treatments.

What causes damage to the Spine?

Damage to the Spine can be caused by:
  • Deformity (foreward or sideways curving of spine).
  • Infection & Disease (TB infection of Spine, Tumours etc).
  • Ageing & Degeneration (Degeneration of disc etc).
  • Accidents (Fractures from neck to tail bone).

So set aside your fears, whatever your problem. If you or a loved one has constant back pain, changes in mobility or loss of sensation, do not hesitate or delay in bringing him/her to meet our Spine specialists

Sports Medicine

Ankle sprain, kneecap dislocations, cramped wrists, painful shoulders & elbows etc are mostly caused by injuries ‘in and around our joints’ . They could have been the result of a momentary mishap or accident which happened while you were in ‘motion’.

These injuries often involve a joint, muscle, tendon or ligament. Most of us tend to ignore or adjust to the pain, discomfort or instability caused as there are no broken bones. We wake up much later to the many ways in which they limit our lives, keeping us away from the things we love doing- sports, recreation or simply exploring. But its never too late. Today advanced Arthroscopy by experienced Sports Medicine Specialists in a state - of- the- art centre such as MIOT International, can repair these injuries to the extent that you can go back to the activities you enjoy within a short time. Infact, this can be done with minimal disruption to your work life.

What you need to do is to approach the Center at the earliest without adjusting or experimenting too long with alternative treatments. You must also be prepared to play an active role in your recovery regime, post arthroscopy, so that your healing is complete. So the next time you over use a shoulder muscle at the gym , feel an unstable knee, twist an ankle or develop a tennis elbow - don’t wait to make it worse. Seek out Specialist care with Arthroscopy and experienced Specialists at the RIGHT centre . The sooner the better.