MIOT Institute of Cardiac Care

Children's Cardiac Care


childrens-cardiac-care-unit-teddyThe MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care provides comprehensive care for children with congenital and rheumatic heart disease. It is a global referral centre for neonates, including babies born pre-term and underweight. The Centre’s specialists perform highly complex and cutting-edge, open and interventional procedures on its little patients in advanced facilities that are on par with the world’s best.


Raising the bar

The MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care has revolutionised cardiac care for children in the southern part of India and set the standards for other healthcare institutions. The Centre’s specialists routinely perform a number of complex procedures on their young patients, including day-old babies, with outstanding results. Complex anomalies like pulmonary atresia, congenitally-corrected transposition of great arteries, and valve repairs, are done here. MCCC has also achieved excellent results in minimally-invasive surgery in children, where open-heart procedures are performed through mini-sternotomy incisions and thoracotomies.

Interventional paediatric cardiology

The benefits of Interventional Paediatric Cardiology for young patients which include day old babies are threefold: the amount of pain that the young patient would experience during treatment is less; recovery is faster so they can be reunited with parents for post op care; and scarring is reduced.

The centre’s Paediatric Interventional Cardiologists have vast expertise in the full range of imaging and interventional procedures, such as several keyhole therapies including device-closure of septal defects, stenting of great vessels and balloon dilation of valves. It is the only centre in India that performs percutaneous valve replacements and repairs and is one of few centres in India that offers Paediatric Electrophysiology to track and treat arrhythmia in infants.

Facilities at MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care

The outpatient department, working hand-in-hand with a team of dedicated paediatric cardiologists, makes the initial assessment of the case with MIOT’s advanced imaging tools, which include live 3D echocardiography, foetal echocardiography and trans-esophageal echocardiography. The atmosphere is child-friendly and designed to keep both the child and the parent relaxed.

Infection-free environments

Aseptic precautions are an especial priority in this department. MIOT International has an entire floor dedicated to its young patients. Specially-designed laminar airflow systems and near zero-bacteria air-conditioning in our operating suites, together with the intensive care units, help maintain these environments at international standards. The advanced monitoring equipment, lights, large, spacious operation suites and heart-lung machines enable surgery even on day-old babies with good results. The ICU has nine beds in a spacious area, a 1:1 nurse-patient ratio and dedicated respiratory therapists and all of this play a key role in the safe recovery of its tiny charges.

Advanced ventilation

Management of pulmonary hypertension is facilitated by nitric-oxide ventilation. The newer generation ventilators are so designed as to allow ventilation of even pre-term babies without injury to lungs while modern syringe pumps ensure low-volume infusion with precision. The current trends in paediatric cardiac surgery, which we encourage at MIOT, are for fast-tracking with early weaning of its little patients from their ventilators, and early mobilisation with shorter ICU stay, in order to minimise the trauma of surgery and separation from parents.

An excellent blood bank service with availability of fractionated blood components is another key advantage at MCCC.

Treatments & Procedures

The MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care offers complete paediatric cardiac care under one roof.

  • Neonatal cardiac surgery
  • Paediatric Echocardiogram ECG-based Surgery
  • Complex Cardiac Defect Correction
  • Valve Repairs
  • Paediatric Electrophysiology
  • Minimally-invasive Cardiac Surgery
  • Catheter Interventions
  • Interventional procedures
    • Balloon Valvuloplasty
    • Percutaneous Valve Replacements & Repairs
    • Device Closure of PDA, ASD, VSD
    • Balloon Dilation & Stenting of Coarctation of Aorta
    • Balloon Dilation & Stenting of Pulmonary Arteries
    • Occulsion of Ruptured Sinus Of Valsalva, Aortopulmonary Window, Collaterals etc
    • Creation of Septal Fenestration & Stenting
    • Ductal Stenting
    • Paediatric Electrophysiology
    • Hybrid Procedures
  • Complex repairs & re-do surgeries
    • Arterial Switch Surgery in Newborns
    • Unifocalisation for Pulmonary Atresia
    • Double Switch Operation
    • Ross Procedure
    • Rapid Two-stage Arterial Switch for late presenters of TGA
    • Repair of anomalies such as Truncus Arteriosus, AV Canal Defect, TAPVC
    • Rastelli Procedure
    • Nikaidoh Procedure
    • Conduit Repairs
    • Univentricular Repairs
    • Extracardiac Fontan Surgery
    • Norwood Procedure

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Robert Coelho

M.B.B.S, MS (General Surgery), M.Ch (Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery)

Dr. Robert Coelho is the Director and Chief Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon at the MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care at MIOT International. The Centre provides cardiac care for a large number of children suffering from Congenital and Rheumatic heart disease.

Dr. Coelho is one of India’s few dedicated paediatric cardiac surgeons. He has over two decades of experience in his chosen speciality and has worked and trained both in India and abroad. He has also held several key positions prior to joining the MIOT family, most notably that of Chief of Paediatric Cardiac surgery at the Madras Medical Mission.

Dr. Robert Coelho has presented and published several papers in National and International journals and conferences.

Dr. Coelho is renowned all over the country for his excellent results in neonatal cardiac surgery, repair of complex cardiac defects and minimally invasive paediatric cardiac surgery. He has the distinction of having performed the first successful Norwood operation in India in 2003, as well as the country’s first successful Nikaidoh procedure for TGA / VSD / PS in 2005. He has the destination of treating children with heart disease from 30 countries.