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Patient Testimonials

Marie Jubidaa

Paris, France 23 Mar 2024

Thank you for the excellent quality of care MIOT provides.

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Ms. Kate Carolus

Seychelles 28 Oct 2023

A cherished patient from Seychelles recently captured the hearts of MIOT Hospitals with her heartfelt gesture.

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Mohammed Kaiyum

Fiji 31 Mar 2023

Just like to thank the entire MIOT team for taking care of me and my wife for the last five months and the support by the team to bring me back on my feet from the bed.

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Ms Trishagni G

08 Mar 2023

I will be forever grateful for giving me my second life.

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Fiji 03 Mar 2023

One of the finest and best experiences we ever had in a hospital.

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Fiji 02 Mar 2023

My special appreciation goes to sister, pro, they were so caring, understanding.

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Bangladesh 15 Feb 2023

It was very nice experience for us with MIOT hospital.

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Mr.Balaji R

09 Feb 2023

I have experienced the best treatment in MIOT

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