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Patient Testimonials

Ravendra Prakash

Fiji 25 Jan 2019

I would like to thank Dr Barry and his team for giving me the right advice to doing the MRI before going for knee replacement and Dr. Dhillon and his team for doing my surgery successfully.

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Terokoraoi Litia Lanyon

Fiji 24 Jan 2019

Hi! Really loved the hospitality, care and love shown to me whilst admitted here. Superb job done by EVERYONE towards my care and well being.

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23 Jan 2019

Entire process from the first consultation to the recent post-surgery reviews was so smooth and good. I'll happily give a 5 star rating to the hospital and the facilities here. Do keep up the good work! Thanks a zillion!!

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Maruthay Munusamy

Malaysia 21 Jan 2019

We are very happy with Doctors, Nurses and and Management Staff. The services are excellent and we wish to become your representative in our country promoting MIOT in order more patients from our country get the benefits.

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Marie Luce Laura Marie

Seychelles 21 Jan 2019

My experience was excellent. The nurses were great. Very caring and loving towards me. The doctors were great too. Excellent job they did. I am very satisfied. The hospital is clean and top class standard.

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K Perumal

21 Jan 2019

I got my second life only because of MIOT

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Santino Akot Abiem Aken

South Sudan 19 Jan 2019

The hospital management, the doctors, nurses and all the people at the hospital who were involved in my treatment has done a tremendous job and I really applaud their professionalism and dedication.

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Indra Wati Chand

Fiji 19 Jan 2019

A very big thank you to everyone and the Director for the empire to serve humanity with compassion lots of love to everyone, cheers...

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