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Patient Testimonials

Farooq Usman

01 May 2017

Felt like Home . Exceptional compassionate handling. Quick responses leading to full and complete recovery.

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Salah Aamer Ali Aamer

Sudan 21 Apr 2017

I am grateful to MIOT. Thank you all the staff for the good service given.I wish MIOT all the best to growth further to serve humanity.

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Srinivasa Raghavan

17 Apr 2017

Excellent exemplary services almost each and every patient individual attention it is quite appreciate.

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Emilie Alannah Preira

Seychelles 17 Apr 2017

I was very happy with the result I got for the medical problems of my daughter which I came here for.

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Y. Nagarajan and Sita Nagarajan

15 Apr 2017

We wish to thank MIOT Hospital for the special care taken for my wife during the admissions and the Doctors who have given excellent medical care to her.

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S. Archana

11 Apr 2017

I am also thankful to the hospital staff who helped me during my stay at MIOT. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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Rose Lorida Alidoria

Seychelles 30 Mar 2017

Well our stay was ok all went ok accordingly I’m grateful to all staff wishing u all the best.

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Litia Robokoikaba Nai Kurisaqila

Fiji 29 Mar 2017

A huge thank you to MIOT

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