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Mohamed Adam Mohamed Bolad

11 Nov 2015 I had been suffering with my problem last ten years (till) the doctors in MIOT ... found my problem and treated me.

Very Good Hospital. People here are very caring and compassionate. I had been suffering with my problem last ten years the doctors here are very good they found my problem and treated me. Iam very happy with my treatment.

Mohamed Adam Mohamed Bolad

Soundravalli Kulandaiswamy​

11 Nov 2015 What impressed me most was that this kind of internationally comparable standard is available not only for the rich but for the common man what I have observed during my many visits to this hospital. Apparently elitist but practically for all is the greatest virtue I found in this hospital.

Excellent! I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best but perhaps THE best in India so far I have seen. What impressed me most was that this kind of internationally comparable standard is available not only for the rich but for the common man what I have observed during my many visits to this hospital. Apparently elitist but practically for all is the greatest virtue I found in this hospital.

The management, the support staff and all others seem to be uniformly compassionate, caring and kind, a rare trait “not” observed in other big hospitals! Personally I feel MIOT stands as a role model for any Indian hospital to follow– where they have combined the best of both worlds: the state of the art technology and the highest human values. Do we call this perfection? Robert Browning has to answer this question because he said “on the earth the broken arcs in the heaven a perfect round”. I think MIOT has achieved that perfection on this earth! Congratulations to all!

Soundravalli Kulandaiswamy​

Mr. Ravi

05 Nov 2015 “I didn’t think I would walk again! Thank God they finally decided to bring me to MIOT. You have to have skill, experience & facilities to treat a Stroke case effectively. Tomorrow, if I should ever see another person having a Stroke, I have no doubts on what to do. I learnt it the hard way..."

Would Mr. Ravi ever recover from these wrong turns in his Stroke treatment?
When Mr. Ravi, 62 yrs, a diabetic with blood pressure, developed mild weakness in the left side of his body, his family did not realise that a stroke was setting in. They took him to the nearest Nursing home which neither had the facilities nor understood the need for quick treatment. They advised a CT scan at a scanning centre, 8 kms away. Mr. Ravi got weaker, drowsy & finally lost consciousness at the centre. It was only then that his family panicked & rushed him to MIOT International. Why did they wait? Like most of us, they were unaware that a Stroke can damage our brain completely in a very short time, without correct treatment.

How did Mr Ravi go from ‘weak’ to ‘unconscious’?
A clot had stopped blood flow to Mr. Ravi’s brain, and it first affected oxygen supply to the brain cells controlling movement and his movements got weak. As time passed, it affected cells controlling consciousness, which made him drowsy and then unconscious. Without timely treatment, a stroke affects various centres in our brain reducing us to an irreversible, vegetative state.

At MIOT, advanced imaging gives the complete picture
Mr. Ravi got to MIOT quite late – it had been 3 hrs since his symptoms had started. However, our specialists used advanced CT scans with perfusion studies and angiography, available at very few centres, to get the correct status. In just 8 minutes they knew the location and extent of the block and could predict areas of further damage if blood flow to his brain wasn’t restored quickly. This prompt and invaluable data allowed them to draw up the correct Treatment Plan despite the time lost.

Mechanical Thrombectomy, an advanced procedure used by leading centres worldwide with a 79% success rate, was performed to reverse damage.

Racing against time to restore blood flow
Mr. Ravi was shifted quickly to our dedicated NeuroCath lab, where our renowned Neuro Endovascular specialist got to work. Within minutes, he had accessed the blocked blood vessel. Then, using a special microcatheter and a stent retriever, he trapped and removed the clot causing the block. Blood flow restored, our patient was transferred to the dedicated Stroke Unit for further treatment.

A remarkable recovery
Mr. Ravi’s recovery was indeed remarkable. At the end of one week, 40% movement had returned to the side affected by his stroke. He was discharged and continued physiotherapy at home under instructions from doctors at MIOT. Two weeks later, he had made a 90% recovery and was up and about! A result rarely seen among such severely affected patients.


N S Ganesh

04 Nov 2015 Normally no one writes back after returning from a surgery, but I thought I should place on record my sincere appreciation for all the support & courtesy I received during my stay in the hospital.

I got discharged from MIOT yesterday afternoon after my TURP Surgery.Thanks a lot for all your help and support for making my stay a pleasant and comfortable one.  Normally no one writes back after returning from a surgery, but I thought I should place on record my sincere appreciation for all the support & courtesy I received during my stay in the hospital.

Mr. Jagan of the Insurance desk helped me get the insurance clearance in no time. This is my first experience with an insurance company and it was a pleasant experience, thanks to Mr. Jagan.

Thanks to Ms. Salomina, PRO, I got the room MI-425. The room was very comfortable and honestly looked like a star hotel accommodation. My first encounter was with Mr. Prabhu, the barber. He took me by surprise as he was neatly attired and spoke impeccable English. More importantly he did his job smilingly and I was amazed at his commitment to the job. Obviously he loved his job! What else can one ask for?

The entire nursing staff at MI-425 for all the 5 days I was there, were outstanding. They were well groomed, professional, efficient, passionate about their profession and empathetic. This is an ideal combination for a nurse but rarely one finds them even in most well established hospitals. These are the gems that go to make a hospital stay a pleasant one. My salutes to all of them.

The post operative ward nursing staff, though extremely busy, were kind, courteous and always at your side in times of need. They were very efficient and empathetic too. One sister Punitha attended on me like her own father.

The entire medical and non-medical staff at the urology department were most helpful and cooperative, so much so that I felt at home there! The doctors are so busy and despite that they have taken very good care of me. I extend my special thanks to Dr. Lakhsmanan for being there almost all the time.

Thanks again for all the support you personally rendered in getting all the accounts settled and getting me discharged on time. Usually, no one would want to come back to a hospital. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I am looking forward to coming back to MIOT for my nephrectomy surgery 2-3 months down the line. Take care.

Warm Regards,
N S Ganesh

Mrs. Elgiva Jayaram

26 Oct 2015 Words are not enough, gestures cannot explain, emotions cannot be understand and hence I find myself at a total loss of transporting my feelings into the realm of your God-fearing domain.

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Mallika Mohandas

But coupled with the above, the need of the hour on the eve of my discharge is to truly thank you sir and ma’am. Thank you not just because I am on my feet again, but I thank you thank you in earnest that from day one of stepping into your domain on Saturday, the 17th of October with an MRI in one hand the firmness of Jayaram’s hand in my other, I have only been comfortable, yes providence led us to Dr. Paul Henry. I am a total stickler for question marks on our Indian docors, but just one conversaion with him told me I need check no more. Enthusiastically in love with his surgery he told me in these very words: “Come, come, come madam, if you want we will operate you today and off you are day after”. I believed him and today, 57 hours after the surgergy, his words endorse my faith even more. The resultant thoughts of post operative stay in your domain make me say that MIOT can be spelt in another way and that is CARE : Compassionate Assemblage for Renewal and Energy.

As an Army wife, I have seen and experienced hospitals and hospital staff; but with your permission may I take this opportunity to jot down my observations. The foremost has been compassion.

  • Not even a simpleton ‘dhotiwala’ patient and his relatives are left unattended to fend for themselves. There is a smiling helper with every ‘lost’ patient.
  • The wheel chairs have been strapped for patients sitting on them.
  • I have only one tiny needle prick on my right hand and No No No Thrombosis after a Spinal surgery! How does your staff achieve this!
  • No body here throws a surgical patient on to a stretcher, they do so with the gentleness of a fibre board. (I have had some bad experience at other hospitals)
  • The OT staff gave me warmth while my teeth were chattering before the anaesthesia.
  • The staff thoughtfully bring the register to ensure that medicines are administered accurately. They do not depend on chance.
  • Their sanitary and sanitizing habits upon entering the rooms are exemplary. The staff of floors 8 and 4 can have my heat out for them.

Next  under my observation has been cleanliness. Being an extremely germ consious person myself, I have learnt even hospitals can achieve what a home like mine has. But this achievement of total germ free cleanliness I have seen ONLY in MIOT. I am sure your staff is sensitized only once but they are sensitive everyday. You have achieved it, sir and ma’am.

Pride in the job / duty has been another facet I found glued into every person who helped me in MIOT. If all the doctors who take an ‘OATH’ smile and heal like they do here, I am sure sickness and disease can reverse. I can see ‘happiness’ writ large on all faces. As a patient, I was healed even before the procedure began because of the trust Dr.Paul Henry could manage to extract out of me, a prospective operational case. I am sure that each and every doctor in your lovely domain is full of compassion, worthy of trust and complete with a sense of duty. Yes, you have achieved it again, sir and ma’am.

At the end I just want to thank you for looking after me so well, that I feel I was on a wonderful enriching experience in a very warm and homely atmospere. Recuperating here, I have begun  to love each and everyone of you.

God bless you all ! To grow to infinity to cure and cleanse us the patients, and to exemplify to the entire medical world in India that they to can emulate and imbibe your values and ethics, your programs and also imbibe your “pride-in-the-job-with-a- smile” attitude.

God Bless one and all at MIOT

With sincere regards to you, sir and ma’am,

I remain,

Humbly yours,

Mrs. Elgiva Jayaram

Lalita Devi

19 Oct 2015 After ... [hip replacement by Dr. Prithvi Mohandas] at MIOT Hospital ... [my mother] can walk, laugh & sleep at night properly.

Very good experience. My mother is felling very happy. Hip surgery was done by Dr. Prithvi Mohandas.

Past history was very bad she was not able to sleep at night. Previous surgery was done in Bihar.

After operation at MIOT Hospital she can walk, laugh & sleep at night properly. PRO help was tremendous.


Really MIOT Hospital is best hospital in India.

Lalita Devi

Nidup & Nida

07 Oct 2015 I would recommend your facility 100%

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Doctors, Nurse, physiotherapies and wonderful staff!

Wanted to thank the entire staff on 4th floor nurse/sisters for my amazing care! I came in very scared and unsure about what was going on with me they worked fast to get me in a different department and calm me down and moved swiftly to get my situation! Every shift was very attentive to my needs and concerns and all very kind to me!

I actually look forward to seeing them all again when I come back from my review. I take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for the compassion and care given during my stay.

Nidup  &  Nida

Mrs. Genny Commettant

Seychelles 10 Sep 2015 The doctors and nurses provided ... [displayed a] positive attitude from the beginning of my stay until the end of my treatment.

From the day of arrival at the MIOT Hospital until my departure, l have had an experience of which I would describe as excellent. The medical treatments were delivered according to the plan of which the end results were positive to me as the patient and the doctors. The doctors and nurses provided me with positive attitude from the beginning of my stay until the end of my treatment. Other MIOT staff was very friendly and supportive in their own ways. Finally I would not miss to congratulate the team spirit of the MIOT teams. I truly admired the good quality of works delivered by the team of young nurses.

Big thank you to all staff. Keep up the team spirit.

Mrs. Genny Commettant