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Patient Testimonials

S. Gurusaranaraj

I am S. Gurusaranaraj (son of late Shri.G. Sivaraj) residing at Srinagar colony in Saidapet.

My father had undergone hip replacement surgery in 2008 at MIOT. I am penning this mail to express our gratitude to your team comprising medical & non-medical staff who were very efficient in restoring normalency for my mother Smt. Rajarajeswari Sivaraj who had been admitted on Sept. 6th at medical ICU and later discharged on Sept. 11th.

I sincerely thank you and your team right from the ambulance staff up to expert doctors and specialists at your hospital for all the services rendered.

S. Gurusaranaraj

Anuja Menon

I would like to sincerely Thank you and your team for all the support and cooperation shown by them towards this event.

The entire event went smoothly and even when there were tough situations, your team managed it excellently.

I’m extremely happy at the way the MHC was organized and conducted by you and your team.

We would like to specially thank You, Tamil, Gitanjali, and the restaurant at MIOT.

Thank you so much to the entire team:

  • Dr. Sanjay Pandey – C.A.O
  • Dr. Sujatha Reddy – Doctor
  • Dr. Mohammed Mansoor – Doctor
  • Dr. John Peter – Doctor
  • Dr. Kavya Krishna Kumar – Gynaec Doctor
  • Mrs. Gitanjali .B – MHC – PRO
  • Mr. Madhan Kumar .M – Marketing (P.R.O – MHC)
  • Mrs. Nancy & Mrs. Sudha .S, Ms. Jaya – Front Office Secretaries
  • Mr. Senthil – Secretary
  • Mrs. Latha .S – Secretary
  • Mrs. Elcy James – OP Incharge
  • MS. S. Sathya – Staff Nurse
  • Mr. Vijaya Kumar – Lab Incharge
  • Ms. R. Divya, Mrs. Chitra, Mrs. Prema, Ms. Raji, Mr. Jayapaul, Ms. Anu Divya – Lab Technicians
  • Mrs. Renuga Devi .S and Ms. Tamilselvi – ECG & TMT Technicians
  • Mr. Kamaraj – X-ray Incharge
  • Mr. Balaji .E, Mr. Selva Kumar – X-ray technicians
  • Mr. Udaya Kumar – House Keeping Incharge & Mr. Arogya Das – Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Mrs. Anitha, Ms. Elavarasi, Ms. Lakshmi, Ms. Revathi, Ms. Ramya – Usher girls
  • Mrs. Yellamma – House keeping Ayah

Anuja Menon

Sarath & Veena

This is with regard to the birth of our daughter on 28.08.2012 at MIOT Hospitals, Retreat Block at 4:40 AM (Normal delivery).

We are extremely happy with the service rendered by the whole Gynecology team, I don’t think we can ever imagine of asking for something better than this. So we felt it would be unfair, if we don’t share our moment of joy with you and the team.

My wife Veena Sarooj had problems with her spine and was under the observation of Dr. Nikhil a year back. Having this ailment in mind, we had been consulting Miot Hospitals for the last 8 months during her pregnancy tenure. Considering the fact that Miot Hospitals is well known for Bone specialization and not Gynecology comparatively, Most of our friends and well-wishers raised this question to us. But Miot has answered every one’s question by proving that it functions at its best as always. Regardless to say that we are completely moved by the way Dr. Saraswathi Gokolraj and her team took care of us throughout the pregnancy tenure. We were delighted by the facility and care shown in patiently waiting rather taking a caesarian option.

The whole team Dr. Saraswathi Gokolraj, Dr. Shrinivas, Dr. Manju, Roja Sister and Lincy Sister did a splendid job. We and our family will cherish this moment for a very long time. Though Miot Hospitals is one among the best Hospitals in the world they keep proving it day by day with something new.

Dr. Saraswathi Gokolraj supported us excellently and did not create any panic what so ever, she had complete control over the whole situation and demonstrated what experience really means. Again special thanks to Roja sister for the way she monitored and motivated us, over all she kept on communicating and letting my wife know what was exactly happening. Kudos to the entire team for their effort.

Please don’t forget to convey our happiness with the team. For this service we can only do one small thing from our side and that will be referring the MIOT Gynecology department to our friends and relatives as always.

Looking forward for your continuous support.

Sarath & Veena

Kanimozhi. A

I would first of all would like to tell my heartfelt thanks to your whole team for making my radiation treatment comfortable.

I would like to pass on my special thanks and appreciation to brothers Elangovan and Mohandas and to sister Tincy. From day one of the treatment till the last day they made the treatment more comfortable and saw to that I did not have any discomforts as I was unable to keep my position properly due to pain. But they were so patient enough and there was not a day left when they asked how I was felling.

Their care, ever smiling faces and treatment allotted on the right time without making us wait longer is very much appreciated. this is the approach patients like us want. I noticed that this approach was not only to me but to everyone who came there.

Thank you to your team once again sir.

Kanimozhi. A


I would like to introduce as T.L.Kumaramurthi and my wife's name is Sandhya.

My elder son T.Harish Lakshman aged 10 years was admitted in your esteemed Hospital on 11th of Jan\’12 for severe vomiting in the last few days…

My father in law (Senior Journalist in a leading daily) suggested MIOT Hospitals as he\’s well aware of the innovative treatments&Surgeries performed at MIOT…

We approached Dr.Srinivasan (Paediatrician) to treat my son… We submitted all the previous reports done at a different hospital and expressed our concern…

Few tests have been done and the results displayed normal. However, the Vomiting was not getting stopped. The intensity of vomiting increased and were all worried about the seriousness of the illness. Adding to it, there was an unbearable pain over the abdomen as well.

When things were looking very dark, Dr.Srinivasan suggested a CT Scan of abdomen & came out with a perfect diagnosis suspecting MALROTATION OF MIDGUT VOLVULUS… (I may be wrong in expressing the exact Medical terminology)… The intestine twist had changed to blue colour… Hence, an emergency surgery was suggested… All other tests were done at lightning speed…

Dr.Raghavan (Paedatric Surgeon) performed the surgery. The surgery lasted for about 3 hrs and only when the doctors came out, we realised the fact that the case was really life threatening… Even an half hr delay could have proved fatal.

Here is where, we sincerely want to appreciate MIOT Hospitals, Dr.Srinivasan, Dr.Raghavan and the entire crew for saving my son\’s life. As mentioned earlier, the initial treatment was done at a different Hospital and the case was not diagonised properly… Not to find fault with any other institution, but only to express our strong view and the fact that MIOT Hospitals can always do the right thing at the right time.

Doctors are God. Doctors perform the action of God. God cannot perform certain actions on his own directly & so to perform a few of HIS actions, GOD created Doctors. To our Family, Dr.Srinivasan, Dr.Raghavan & the entire crew are God. MIOT is the temple where the team of doctors are performing the act of GOD.

The hospitality extended by MIOT Hospitals and Dr.Srinivasan can never be expressed in words.

The services rendered by the Staffs at TICU & MICU were exemplary.

We would be doing injustice to ourselves, if we fail to mention the names of Mr.Raju, Mr.Suresh Babu, Mr.Devaraj, Mr.Hariharan , Ms.Sunitha Florence extended a selfless service during those crucial times.

We again sincerely thank you for all hospitality by MIOT Hospitals and we pray to the almighty that all the Doctors, staff & patients of MIOT shall be blessed with a long and healthy life.


Mr. Varadarajan

Heart disease with aneurysm of the arch and descending aorta. Angiogram revealed 90% narrowing of the left main coronary artery reducing the pumping capacity of the heart.

The patient was classified as ‘very high risk’ requiring immediate surgery. However, Surgeons elsewhere refrained from undertaking this complex surgery since they were confronted with the dilemma of whether aneurysm correction should precede the bypasses or vice versa.

The MIOT Cardiac Team however decided that the patient’s survival depended on the performance of both the procedures simultaneously. After exhaustive groundwork, extensive research and consultation with experts, the MIOT Team performed the eight-hour long high risk, first of its kind surgical procedure. First the five bypass procedures were performed without stopping the heart. The aneurysm was then opened and the whole of the arch and descending aorta was replaced with a tube graft within the stipulated time. After the complex but successful surgery, the patient was able to move around normally and he says with gratitude :

Thanks to MIOT Hospitals and its team of competent doctors for their world class treatment, I feel like I have just been born.

Mr. Varadarajan

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi

A congenital heart patient operated for PDA in 1969, when she was barely 4 years old. In 1983, she had an aortic valvotomy and exertion of sub aorta membrane without replacing the valve.

Nineteen years later in 2002, she suffered from vomiting and giddiness and the condition was diagnosed as aneurysm. The family was informed that treatment for this was very expensive and available only in the US or UK. Here is her narration of what happened later :

A chance encounter with Dr. Bashi at MIOT changed my hopeless condition. I was operated in October 2002 and can now confidently say that I am perfectly healthy and happy. My family and I are grateful to the invaluable support and treatment provided at MIOT. This place is truly a godsend for cardiac patients.

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi

Mr. G Masilamani

The patient reached out to MIOT complaining of chest pain.

Examination revealed severe blockages in three arteries and he was advised to under surgery at the earliest. Details of the treatment in his words :

Subsequently a beating heart surgery was performed on me. I recovered from anaesthesia without any pain or trauma, as assured by the doctors. On my discharge in 10 days time, I could walk to the car to be driven home. The care and commitment of the doctors and their support teams added to my speedy recovery.

Mr. G Masilamani