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Patient Testimonials

George VV

10 Sep 2018

The doctors were great very professional explained everything very well. The nursing and the administrative staff, pro team were very helpful.

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Akosita Vakada Valamalua

FIJI 01 Sep 2018

The doctors and nurses and the rest of the staff here made me feel right at home and I thank MD for the kind hospitality.

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Zita Ernesta

Seychelles 31 Aug 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards the MIOT hospital staff during my medical examination from 15th to 28th August .

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Noella Rosemary Bastienne

Fiji 20 Jul 2018

I was privileged to have met a highly professional dedicated health official’s. Under the good leadership of The Managing Director you will go far if not become the best in the world.

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R.V. Ramachandran

07 Jul 2018

The System & Procedures set by you are world class and commendable

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Kamaraj R

29 Jun 2018

It is really an International Hospital

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Ragina Rashika Ram

Fiji 09 Apr 2018

Thanks for your great concern and care towards me.

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Daya Kannan

03 Apr 2018

I’m writing this to you to thank you for the excellent doctors you have in your hospital

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