In my own words .....

(as related by Sunil*, 18 yrs from Nagpur who suffered grievous injuries after a fall from the 4th floor) 

They told me that I was brought to MIOT in a pretty bad condition Anyway, there was no way I could have known as I was unconscious! And once I did get conscious , the only thing I knew was pain…it seemed to come in waves from every part of my body. Thankfully my treatments in the MIOT ICU let me drift off into long periods of welcome sleep.Why couldn I move

Even in all that I was conscious of a deep caring that was underway-of timely changes, soft voices, firm hands. Kindness.

Why could’nt I move?

Then there were the tubes & pipes that came out of everywhere which irritated me no end. But there was no getting away as I could’nt even move! My brother informed that I had injuries on almost every part of my body – I had fractured critical pelvic bones on both sides of my hip – hence I could not move .

Was I paralysed – was I going to stay flat all my life? – will I never go home to Nagpur – that was a scary thought –I had so many things to do, so many places to go to … Please God! Give me just one chance

My Lifeline

As my mind settled I looked forward to seeing two people everyday: My doctor & my brother. Their confident voices reassuring me that I was healing and would walk again became my lifeline. They must have had solid reasons for telling me that ! I started daring to hope that I would walk one day, soon.

Is their energy endless?

The caring in the MIOT ICU & outside, before & after my surgeries continued like clockwork. Even after I was shifted to a room where I could stay with family there was no let up. Every need was taken seriously- was attended to.

Are they mind readers ?

My body healed as the doctors said it would. I grew stronger as I did my physiotherapy & exercises daily . It was as though my care team knew my only hope – Let me walk please . And they were doing their best to make it happen. This included the Doctors , nurses my physiotherapists, the food boys, the cleaning women….

D day arrives

D day arrivesFinally I was declared ready to stand. As I raised myself off my seat , I felt no pain. I stood ( with support initially) and looked at my mother & brother – they were crying openly . My doctor then handed over my crutches & I took my first few steps towards him – I could walk – I had done it – we had done it in 12 weeks !


My Hospital MIOT

Today as I stand looking out of the window at home, I can’t help thinking of my care team back in Chennai . They gave my life back to me and I will always stay connected to them just as I am to my family. Yes, my home will always be in Nagpur but my Hospital will be MIOT Chennai.

* patient’s name changed to protect his privacy.