Maruthuva Vivekam – Wisdom from the world of medicine

Maruthuva Vivekam is the Healthzine brought out for the public from the medical fraternity of MIOT Hospitals. The topics covered in this healthzine will improve your knowledge about your body and help you to keep it fit. Maruthuva Vivekam will guide you in your day-to-day activities, advise you on the do’s and don’ts of healthcare and tell you how to detect health problems at an early stage – before they turn into an emergency. Every topic covered in Maruthuva Vivekam is explained with a case study and are easy to understand.


Volume 19 – Neurosurgery now Safer, more accurate & effective than ever before!

mv18From accidents and injury to Brain tumours, aneurysms and strokes and even conditions such as Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Depression and more our team of specialists handle the entire gamut of Neuro disorders, in both adults and children, with the latest medications and treatments.

Volume 18 – Stay Heart Safe

mv18With Advanced Interventional Cardiology at MIOT International.

Volume 17 – Cutting Edge Hi-tech Operations Underway


IOT Hepato Pancreatico Biliary Centre for Surgery and Transplantation.

Volume 16 – The wait for the ‘Perfect Match’ comes to an end

mv16MIOT Announces First ever Haplo-identical Bone Marrow Transplant in India.

Volume 15 – Its finally mission possible

mv15New medications New approaches New modalities New technologies…

Volume 14 – Heart Revive

mv14Revolutionary advances in heart care that can save lives.

Volume 13 – Looking through the Spyglass

mv13Technology has breached amazing new frontiers in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Volume 12 – Back to the future

mv12What’s behind the common backache? A look at spinal ailments and beyond.

Volume 11 – Across the Blood Barrier

mv11New research makes kidney transplant across blood groups possible. Kidney failure – myths and reality.

Volume 10 – Mission Possible

mv10What does it take for a joint replacement to last a life time? Know all about knee and hip replacements.

Volume 09 – Stroke

mv9The Complete Picture Are you Stroke Prone? Detecting Strokes before they happen Pinhole Prevention Recovery and Rehabilitation.

Volume 08 – Pinhole Surgery

mv8The radical breakthrough approach in medicine. No Cut, No Scar, No Pain.

Volume 07 – Finding a Tumour

mv7Advances in Imaging Sciences and how you can benefit.

Volume 06 – The Silent Killer

mv6No pain. No sweat. No symptoms. The silent heart attach is a deadly killer. Insight about your heart.

Volume 05 – MIOT Keyhole Surgery For Permanent Weight Reduction

mv5A complete guide to know about Obesity and ways to win over it.

Volume 04 – Now major surgeries through an opening – the size of a keyhole

mv4Keyhole Surgeries of the brain, spine, hip and knee replacement, hysterectomy and more…

Volume 03 – The Chandramukhi Syndrome

mv3The truth behind multipersonality disorders. What are your chances of getting pregnant tonight?

Volume 02 – Computer Navigated Joint Replacement Surgery.

mv2MIOT Case Files – Abdul Kareem is “Fourth Time Lucky”

Her Health – Am I prone to breast cancer?

Cutting Edge – Discover CT Angiography

Volume 01 – Hazards of self-medication

mv1MIOT Case Files – Fishy Pneumonia from Seychelles

Her Health – Blemish-free skin – a reality Cutting Edge – Bloodless Surgery