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Patient Video Testimonials

MIOT Hospitals successfully treated a Seychelles patient for Disc Degeneration

During this pandemic, MIOT Hospitals reached out to a Seychelles patient and successfully treated him for Disc Degeneration. His partner tells us about his treatment at MIOT and how the hospital provided them a safe and comfortable environment during these testing times.

MIOT Patient Story - Ms Shanthi

A successful case performed at MIOT’s State-of-the-art Biplane Cath Lab Mrs. Shanti, a 72 year old lady had a history of stomach pain for the past 3 years.

Caring for Seychellois during these testing times

In the time of COVID-19, MIOT Hospitals has been reaching out to patients from Seychelles, providing uninterrupted care in a safe environment. Here’s a Seychellois patient’s daughter sharing her story about how MIOT provided treatment despite the pandemic and ensured they both felt safe and better.

Being at the right place at the right time helped avert a crisis.

With the timely treatment through a life-saving procedure, MIOT Hospitals successfully treated a 56-year-old patient with colon cancer during the pandemic.