COVID-19 Initiatives


COVID-19 Initiatives

Celebrating over 100 days of total dedication to caring for COVID 19 positive patients

We send you a message direct from the nerve centre of the MIOT COVID-19 MOTHER SHIP…

MIOT Hospitals takes COVID-19 testing to a whole new level with CB-NAAT

By embracing the Cartridge Based Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing (CB-NAAT) method, MIOT Hospitals promises overall patient satisfaction, thanks to 100% accurate test reports that are generated within just 2 hours.

MIOT Hospitals’ Separate Isolated Respiratory Block for Suspected COVID-19 Patients

MIOT Hospitals’ Separate Isolated Respiratory Block is designed with dedicated pathways for patients & visitors to prevent cross-contamination. With 300 beds, dedicated caregivers, separate entry, exit & kitchen, the block is battle-ready in the war against COVID-19.

Embrace the Triangle Save PPE Personal Protective Equipment for the frontline staff handling COVID

Spare a thought for the frontline soldiers who sacrifice everything to help patients fight COVID-19 despite the nation running short of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Join MIOT Hospitals’ “Embrace the Triangle” movement, wear the Triangle (folded handkerchief / bandana) and donate PPE to the national stockpile.