Organ Transplant

Organ Transplant

Organ Transplant

Organ transplants are no longer viewed as a last resort in patient treatments, but rather a curative option earlier in the disease phase. They offer the patient a permanent solution, improve his chances of beating the disease, and give him a good quality of life in the following years. MIOT’s uncompromising standards in choosing the donor organ, as well as its sophisticated facilities for surgery and post surgical care, have made it a leading centre for organ transplants in the country, with success rates on par with the best in the world.

What is Organ transplantation?

An organ transplant involves replacing a patient’s diseased, damaged or failing organ with a healthy one. The healthy organ may be procured from a living donor, or from a brain dead donor, or from a non breathing heart donor – although this happens very rarely.

Organs that can be transplanted are the heart, lungs, liver, intestines, kidneys and pancreas. Tissue, such as the bones, skin, tendons, corneas, heart valves and veins can also be transplanted.

Bone marrow may also be transplanted to treat certain blood-related cancers and diseases. Patients who undergo organ transplants can lead relatively normal lives, provided they take their immunosuppressive medication vigilantly, and are mindful of infections.

Liver Transplants

World over, Liver transplants are considered the litmus test that classify a medical institution as meeting the highest standards in expertise, infrastructure and quality. MIOT’s Liver transplant programme was launched in early January 2013.

It is led by renowned Transplant surgeon Dr.Surendran Rajagopal, one of India’s foremost and most renowned Hepatopancreato biliary surgeons, with over two decades of experience in this speciality. He is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of 20 specialists from over 10 departments: hepatologists, transplant specialists, anaesthesiologists, oncologists, interventional radiologist, infectious disease specialists, immunologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and a team of competent nurses, technicians and counsellors. Equipped with state-of art technology the team has performed around 500 liver transplants & 1000 pancreatic surgeries.

MIOT has dedicated facilities for this complex procedure, including state-art-of-the-art, twin theatres and dedicated post-operative HEPA filtered ICUs, as well as modalities for advanced imaging, radiology and laboratory studies, a dynamic transfusion medicine department.

MIOT International has performed over 124 Liver Transplants since 2013.

Kidney Transplants

The kidneys are the most transplanted organ world-wide. However, finding a donor organ can be a challenging and time consuming process as conventional transplant requires a donor with a matching blood group. Addressing this deficit in the availability of matching donors, MIOT offers Across Blood Group Transplants. Our specialists at the MIOT Institute of Nephrology also perform conventional deceased and living donor transplants. Our Experienced team has performed over 1700 Successful Kidney Transplants.

Kidney transplant surgery is at MIOT International is performed by a multi-disciplinary team with is comprised of nephrologists, urologists, a vascular surgeons and immunologists, who are supported by a dedicated team of nurses, technicians, counsellors and nutritionists.

MIOT International has performed over 587 Kidney Transplants since 2008.

Heart Transplants

Heart failure is a worldwide raising concern. Changing lifestyles and dietary patterns have led to a significant rise in the incidence of cardiac diseases. The advancement in surgical techniques and expertise team has globally recognised MIOT International as a life-saving centre with a success rate matching global standards.

The surgery takes about 4 hours performed under general anaesthesia. The recovery period differs between 7* – 15* days with a 90* days monitoring period. Our expertise cardiac team ensures to provide proficient patient care before during and after the surgery.

Our team of specialists is supported with some of the best diagnostic and treatment equipment, which enables us to offer the finest treatment for your heart in the shortest possible time.

Cost of Heart Transplant

The Surgery cost depends upon the complexity of procedure and is governed by various other medical factors. Despite inflated cost worldwide MIOT international offers Heart transplants at an affordable cost.

*Recovery period may vary it depends upon the complexity of the surgery and patients health condition.

Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow transplant is done for patients with malignant conditions such as acute and chronic leukaemia, lymphomas, myelomas and certain solid tumours, as well as non malignant conditions like aplastic anaemia, thalassaemia, sickle cell disease, auto immune disorders and some immune-deficiencies.

Globally bone marrow transplants require donors with 100% matching stem cells. The chances of finding this perfect match are 1 in a million. There are very few centres that offer the cutting edge Haplo-identical Bone Marrow Transplant, which is done with donor cells that are no less than a 50% match to the recipient’s cells.

The first ever Haplo-identical Bone Marrow Transplant in India was performed at MIOT International. The team also performs autologous, allogeneic and umbilical cord bone marrow transplants. MIOT’s sophisticated facilities, which include dedicated HEPA filtered wards and state-of-the-art transfusion medicine and laboratory facilities, have ensured a success rate on par with international standards in this speciality.

MIOT Hospitals has performed over 294 Bone Marrow Transplants (includes Haplo identical, Myeloma, Aplastic anemia) since 2013.