Heart Failure on the rise

With heart disease affecting most households, chances are you or a loved one at home may have had one of the following experiences: A heart attack, a successful heart valve repair, intervention for the plaque build up in arteries or a check up for irregular heart beats.

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Slow Progression

Once initial treatment is over, you relax, reassured that all threats have been taken care of. But there maybe silent damage unfolding inside as a result of the above illnesses- damage to the heart muscle. We do not always feel the effects of damage as the heart muscle remodels itself and copes with our demands. However when the remodelling continues indefinitely it leads to Heart failure, where the damaged muscle does not pump blood as it should.

Effects of Heart Muscle damage

  • It reduces the quantity of oxygen rich blood being pumped across the body
  • It causes back up ( congestion) of blood in the veins & lungs along with fluid buildup in the kidneys.

Patients will experience the complete effect of this reduced pumping within days, weeks, months or even years. But your body will throw up clear signals of this silent process that is happening internally.

Warning Signals- Remember, nothing is too small

  • Constant tiredness without valid reason
  • Getting breathless with normal activity
  • Unusual swelling of feet, hips or abdomen
  • Increase in Blood pressure, Diabetes and cholesterol levels
  • Difficulty in lying down flat

Keep Heart Failure Away

If you or a loved one has suffered any kind of heart disease, the best way to avoid Heart Failure would be to get yourself evaluated by an expert team of cardiologists who specialise in Heart Failure. They can recommend the necessary precautions or treatments before it goes any further .. Remember, you have time on your side, NOW.

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There are many causes for heart damage and they differ from one patient another. These causes which have varying effects on each heart, leaves every patient at a different stage.

The capability to draw up and execute highly individualised Treatment Plans for every patient determines the success of treatment in Heart Failure.

At MIOT International, our multidisciplinary Team of experts include highly skilled Cardiologists, Electrophysiologists and Cardiac surgeons who specialise in Heart Failure. They have vast experience in identifying and staging muscle damage in patients from all over the world. They are greatly aided in their diagnosis by MIOT’s state -of -the- art Diagnostic & Lab facilities and experienced Technologists on campus.


They also have access to the latest treatments & therapies to address every stage of the disease. This highly skilled team pools their expertise and facilities to draw up & execute Treatment Plans which match the RIGHT Treatment for the RIGHT Patient at the RIGHT stage, without delay. Treatments, if necessary are performed in advanced Cath Labs, Electrophysiology Labs & Operating theatres while patients recover in spacious and dedicated ICUs.

The MIOT team of Specialists are supported in their efforts by dedicated & highly trained Nursing Teams, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists & Counsellors. Together they consistently restore patients from across the world to a better quality of life - whether it is a special relationship or much- missed work, a favourite destination or a night of uninterrupted sleep!


MIOT offers the entire range of treatments for every stage - Tailored medical therapies, Surgical treatments, Insertion of implants & devices & Heart transplantation.

CorrectiveTreatments (Keyhole & Open surgeries)

Blood vessel interventions

* PCI – Angioplasty with stenting

* CABG – Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

* CABG with Ventricular Remodelling Surgery

Valve Repairs

* CABG with Mitral Valve repair

* CABG with AVR (Aortic Valve replacement) TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation)

* Balloon Valvuloplasty

* Mitral Clip insertion


Supportive Treatments Implants, Devices& Therapies

Highly skilled Specialists insert and programme  small devices  within the heart:

* To monitor & make corrections automatically in dangerous Arrythmias. (Treatments: AICD, Pace maker)

* To synchronise irregular pumping & contracting of damaged walls (Treatments – CRT, CRT-D)

* Ventricular  devices- LVAD, RVAD


Heart Transplant – The way forward

In this definitive treatment for Heart failure, post- transplant infection remains the main hindrance. Our Heart Transplant Specialists are aided by MIOT’s 99.9% infection free treatment and recovery environments which help patients recover faster and without complications.

“I survived a Heart attack. But did’nt expect Heart Failure to follow !

Fortunately, I was at MIOT”

Chest pain over 2 days took me to the local scanning centre for an ECG which showed my heart was fine. When it persisted, I visited MIOT and was shocked to be informed by the cardiologist that I had suffered a minor Heart attack. I was kept back for a night’s observation which, in hindsight, saved my life.

A Nightmare begins

Next day, the doctor on his rounds found me sweating profusely and rushed me in for an Echo. Results showed that my heart muscle, which is responsible for pumping oxygen rich blood around my body, had been damaged by the Heart attack earlier in the week. The muscle had almost stopped pumping- I was going into Heart failure and needed emergency surgery* to prevent a complete collapse!

Fortunately for me, my surgeons could make all critical decisions without delay as MIOT has one of the most advanced diagnostic set ups for Heart Failure. The surgery went off well and I had an uneventful recovery.

Turning point

Unbelievably, I was back at work in a month! I was now aware that my uncontrolled weight had been the cause for my current heart status. Determined to protect my heart from any further damage, I took up a weight loss programme supervised by the doctors and Nutritionists at MIOT.

New Beginnings

6 months later, I had lost 40 kg. I felt great and my follow up scans reflected the same. I am determined to keep it that way as there’s so much left for me to do. The MIOT Team had done their part to save my heart - I will do mine.”