Bariatric Surgery

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Bariatric Surgery


MIOT International’s Weight-loss Surgery Programme offers patients surgical treatment, health improvement and long-term management of severe or morbid obesity, which has become a serious concern in India and the world over.

Battling the bulge

Weight-loss surgery changes the patient’s digestive system and helps him or her lose weight by limiting food intake or reducing the absorption of nutrients, or both. Bariatric surgery is surgery for weight loss, recommended to patients when diet and exercise have not worked, or when the patient has serious health issues due to being overweight. It helps reduce the risk of weight-related health problems such as GERD, heart disease, high blood pressure, severe sleep apnea, type-2 diabetes and stroke.

At MIOT, bariatric surgery for weight-loss is carried out by a multidisciplinary team, which continues to support the patient even after the procedure.

Bariatric Surgery for Weight-Loss

Every patient is assessed and counselled, in depth about the benefits, shortfalls and actual weight loss. They also go through a simulation of the entire process through a ‘medical walk-through’ to ensure that they are prepared for both surgery and life after it.

Our facilities for this procedure include the sophisticated operation table that can support patients with body weight up to 250 kg., calf-squeezing venous pumps to prevent intra-operative thromboembolism, mattress body-warmer to prevent hypothermia, and more.

Treatments & Procedures

Surgeons at MIOT perform one of three laparoscopic bariatric surgical procedures to achieve the weight loss, based on the patient’s medical history and health condition.

  • In Laparoscopic Gastric Banding, an adjustable gastric band is placed around the upper-third portion of the stomach to create a pouch that limits food intake.
  • The size of the stomach is reduced by surgically removing a part of it in a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.
  • In Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, considered the gold standard for bariatric surgery, surgeons create a small stomach pouch using staples. The first segment of the small intestine is then ‘bypassed’ and the rest is joined to the opening, giving the stomach less time to absorb fats from food.