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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme is a boon to COVID -19 patients.

03rd Jul 2021

MIOT’s unique approach: Early Tracheostomy Holds Key for Better Outcome of COVID-19 Infection.

03rd Jul 2021

Emotional Well-being at the time of COVID 19. An initiative of MIOT & The Hindu Wellness Series

28th May 2021

Clinical Review of COVID-19 by MIOT Hospitals

13th May 2021

Socket Science 2021

11th Mar 2021

Founder & Chairman of MIOT Hospitals being vaccinated against COVID-19 on Feb 10 2021

11th Feb 2021

MIOT Hospitals pulls a COVID-positive pregnant woman with an O2 saturation of 60% back from the brink of death

19th Aug 2020

MIOT Hospitals performs a Successful Heart Procedure to save an Auto Driver’s Pregnant Wife and their Unborn Baby during this COVID time

10th Jun 2020