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War Over Weight (WOW) – A Symposium on obesity held at MIOT Hospitals

26th Nov 2006

MIOT Hospitals Inaugurates 'MIOT Retreat' and 'MIOT College of Nursing'

25th Aug 2006

MIOT Hospitals introduces Minimally Invasive Computer Navigated Joint Replacement Surgery

02nd Jul 2006

High Risk Cardiac Surgery

24th Mar 2006

A write up about Keyhole Surgery (Minimally Invasive Surgery) – Its Emphasis and Benefits

23rd Mar 2006

Rwandan soldier recovers from a gun-shot wound in his chest

18th Mar 2006

MIOT Hospitals to initiate awareness programme for the public and medical fraternity on Keyhole Surgery

11th Feb 2006

MIOT signs agreement with German government hospital - exchange of specialists, training of nurses and treatment of patients.

28th Jan 2006