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Patient Video Testimonials

His doctors told him that he can never walk again. But MIOT made him walk away from that belief.

Mobility is the ultimate freedom for humankind and when Mr. Sabbir Hossain regained his ability to walk again, MIOT was his Partner. What was a lost hope, a Dream; was made to come true by MIOT and today after winning back his happiness, he is walking back home.

MIOT Hospitals successfully treated a Seychelles patient for Scoliosis

Watch this emotional story of a mother from Seychelles on the ordeal she underwent seeing her son suffer in Scoliosis. A story on how she helped him recover, with the help of MIOT. The timeliness and support extended at MIOT even during the pandemic, not only put a smile back on her face but also on her son's.

Winning the battle against Breast Cancer

We call her “Jhansi Ki Rani” - Daughter in law of a 79 year old lady shares an inspiring story about how her mother in law won the battle against Breast Cancer.

MIOT Hospitals successfully treats a Seychelles patient for Oral Cancer

Listen to a Seychelles patient’s sister share a story about how her brother successfully beat Oral Cancer at MIOT Hospitals. What makes his case significant is that they flew more than 4000 km during the pandemic for his treatment. Despite the situation, MIOT made them both feel safe and at home during their stay.