Lean Six Sigma Approach in Laboratory Medicine

Six Sigma is a quality management strategy that categorises process capability by evaluating how many process standard deviations can fit within the tolerance limits of the process. It has many potential applications in the clinical realm. MIOT International was one of India’s early movers in introducing the concept of Six Sigma in laboratories, back in 2017. We are the first hospital in the country to receive recognition and certification for ‘Verification of Sigma Metric Performance’ by Westward QC.

Six Sigma helps to enhance quality by reducing errors and variation in processes. It provides a more quantitative framework for evaluating process performance in clinical laboratories to assess analytical performance by measuring process variation and determining process capability.

This helps to improve the process quality and ensure near-zero defect rates in the healthcare system. Six Sigma goes hand-in-hand with Lean, another quality improvement method that helps to reduce inefficiencies and waste in organisations, with the objective of controlling costs and increasing productivity. Our workshop will therefore focus on key areas of training in error control and process improvement in the total testing cycle. This in turn will enhance patient safety, reduce turnaround times (TATs), improve the accuracy of analytical tests, and optimise quality control (QC) rules.

Workshop Date & Venue

Date : 28th & 29th July 2023
Venue : Retreat Auditorium, MIOT International, Chennai.

Who can participate?

  • Pathologists, Microbiologists, Biochemists
  • Lab directors, lab managers and quality control professionals
  • Senior technical officer

Organising Committee

Patron : Dr. Prithvi Mohandas, Managing Director, MIOT International
Program Director : Dr. Deepti Jain, Director- Department of Laboratory Services
Organising Committee : Ms. Smitha S, Mrs. Arokia Jayarani, Mr. Mahesh D, Dr. Nayana T


Doctors (Pathologist/Microbiologist/Biochemist) : Rs.2000/-
Technical officer/ Manager, Post Graduates, Ph. D : Rs.1500/-

Registration is a must for every delegate attending the workshop. Participation is limited to 30 members only. Participants should bring Laptop to the venue.

Registration Closed

Programme Schedule

Day 1: Friday, 28th July 2023

Schedule Session details Faculty
09.00-09.30am Registration
09.30-09.45am Welcome address
09:45-10:15am Lean, Six Sigma in healthcare Mr. Saravanan K Swami
10:15-10:45am Six sigma and lean management in laboratory medicine Dr. Deepti Jain
10.45–11.00am Key note address Dr. Prithvi Mohandas
11.00–11.20am Tea Break
11.20am–12.20pm IQC and EQA - Building Blocks of six sigma analysis Dr. Chitra Shree V
12.20–12.50pm Estimation of Bias and Imprecision Dr. Renuka P
12.50–1.00pm Q and A session
1.00-1.45pm Lunch Break
1.45–2.30pm Biological variation and measurement of uncertainity(MoU) Dr. Maitreyee D S
2.30–2.45pm Q and A session
2.45–3.30pm Hands on exercise: Determining analytical sigma metrics Mr. Santosh Potharam & Dr. Cheirmairaj
3.30–4.00pm Six sigma-Tools and hands on exercise Mr. Santosh Potharam & Dr. Cheirmairaj
4.00–4.20pm Tea Break

Day 2: Saturday, 29th July 2023

Schedule Session details Presenter
09.00-09.30am Review of Day 1
9.30–10.30am QC design and rule selection(risk analysis) with practical applications of six sigma Dr. Chitra Shree V
10.30–10.45am Q and A session
10.45–11.05am Hands on exercise Dr. Cheirmairaj & Mr. Santosh Potharam, Mr. Thirumalai
11.05–11.20am Tea Break
11.20am–12.00pm Application of six sigma in hematology Dr. Mamta Soni
12.00–12.30pm Six Sigma - Am still learning!!! Dr. Sreevidya Subramanian
12.30–12.45pm Q and A session
12.45-1.30pm Lunch Break
1.30–2.00pm Interpretation of Poor performance of sigma-how to proceed Dr. Dinesh Yadav
2.00–2.30pm Discussion
2.30–3.00pm Certificate Distribution
3.00–3.20pm Tea Break and dispersal

CME Credit Hours : 4

For more information contact

Dr. Deepti Jain : +91 9833460752
Ms. Smitha S : +91 9176080991
Email :