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USA 23 Jun 2015 Thank you so much for all your care and thank you for answering all of our questions everyday, for the 3 weeks we were at the hospital.

Hello Dr. Prithvi,

My name is Shankar and I hope you remember me. My dad, Mr. Nellaiveimuthan, was admitted at your hospital for a hip replacement surgery and you had operated on him during the last wk of March. I just wanted to say a big “thank you” to you for making my dad walk again. After he was admitted at your hospital to replace his broken hip ball & socket, you had constantly assured us that he would be able to walk again. Now, he is completely normal and he is able to walk freely w/o any help. A huge reason for why he is back to normal is because of you and the entire staff who took very good care of him. Thank you so much for all your care. And, thank you for answering all of our questions everyday for the 3 wks we were at the hospital. Come to think of it, those would have been the same set of questions each patient would have asked and it takes patience to answer them every time! And, I truly appreciate you for that.

I wish you the very best in future surgeries and in making more people walk again.

I also wanted to mention to you that, apart from the care & support you and the staff provided, the international building of the hospital is kept constantly clean. When I come to the lobby anytime of the day, I see someone mopping & cleaning the floors & windows all the time! There is someone who is always arranging the chairs properly, the moment it is out of place. Very nice! It’s not that easy to maintain this cleanliness constantly, but I think your hospital has achieved that. Great job!


P. Rajendran

30 May 2015 Thank you for the care and expertise during my CABG Surgery at MIOT International

Respected Dr. Mohandas Sir,

I am P. Rajendran. I just want to give my feedback on CABG surgery done for me on 4th May 2015 at about 9 AM. I sincerely appreciate the surgery done by Dr. V.V.Baashi. He is very great the way he has spoken to me and the counseling done on CABG before surgery to me with a smiling face. His team has done really a great job on every aspect. The previous day of my surgery Dr. Ahju Jacob/ Dr. Arjun visited my room and spoken to me about the anesthesia and not to fear on this surgery the way they explained to me. I was fully mentally prepared for the operation on the next day.

I really want to appreciate that Dr. V.V. Baashi that he has done a very major surgery for a person who came from Hyderabad. I came to know from the family people who visited my room regarding the surgery done for the above person. Dr. Baashi sir has not even taken his lunch and executed the operation more than 8 to 9 hours and the operation was very success. After completing the operation on the same day he has called me to my room with a smiling face enquiring about me without any break in his duty and not taking even rest that shows how much of effort and the dedication towards his work. I really come across now a day’s Dr.’s like Dr. V.V. Bashi in my life.

I once again appreciate Dr. V.V. Baashi the way he is dealing with the cardiology patients who comes to his cabin.

Thanking you


Seychelles 12 May 2015 Thank you MIOT for helping my mother walk again. You have groomed a great team that is creating miracles!

Dear Professor,

I write to thank you and the whole team for the wonderful work carried out in helping my mother to walk again, she is enjoying the new life you gave to her through the miracle surgery on her foot.

Today, I can proudly tell everyone about the professional care your team offers to patients who no longer had hopes and how these people can carry on to live a normal and peaceful life.

From the minute we walked inside the hospital we could feel the positive atmosphere wherever we went and that is exactly what creates this great team that you have groomed to perfection.

Again, we are all very proud of you and the team. We are spreading the good news around us, not forgetting to our Minister for Health in Seychelles.

Our kind regards and forever blessings!


K. Mohamed Ansar

12 May 2015 Thank you, Drs. Robert Coelho and Sangeetha Vishwanathan and your team, the nurses and staff in Paediatric ICU for your kindness and expert assistance. You have saved my life.


Respected Dr.Robert Coelho / Dr.Sangeetha Viswanathan.
MIOT Hospitals

Respected Dr. Sirs….

I, K.Mohamed Ansar who had been got new life by you, writing this letter with thanks and with no words to express my thanks. (I had got heart surgery done by you on 22nd Apr’15)

Myself and my family are grateful to you forever . I am now fine and good.
May Almighty furnish his blessing to you and family at all time and Almighty is with you all at all time.

I also register my sincere thanks to Dr.Sangeetha Viswanathan & team, who have been so kind and did all required diagnosis on time and given confident for recovery.
Once again I register my sincere thanks for all your noble services.

I also thanks to your team, and ICU & Pediatric C4 Nurses who have been kind to all patient with their sincere services in time. And also thanks to Company Help Desk incharge Ms.Hebsica Madam with her timely help.

Also I thank one and all for their services.

I also thank the management and all team for their noble services.

Thanking you
With due respect
K.Mohamed Ansar

Lakshminarasimhan UCO Bank

12 May 2015 Today, we came from UCO Bank for our Master Health Check. What great co-ordination, what a wonderful experience. Hats off, MIOT!

Dear Chairman

Today we from ucobank came for mhc.

It was wonderful experience with very good coordination..

Doctors’ technician’s lab assts… etc are v v cordial..

Last but not the executives m/s saravanan raju senior official hariharan all are very cooperative….

Pl. Continue the same quality of service…

Tku and regards..

Zonal office

Saleh Rabiu

Nigeria 08 May 2015 I commend you for the professional way you handled ... [my family's] Medical arrangement(s) and [the] Hospitality of your staffs towards all of them.

Dear Dr. Prithvi Mohandas.

I wish to express my sincere appreciations on the excellent way you handled my Family, Zuwaira Saleh Rabiu & my sister Mrs Falmata Musa Muhammad Medical Treatment, along with their attendants, on their visit to MIOT hospital on medical trip & their successful return to Nigeria without any hitches at any point.

They have all returned back to Lagos Nigeria yesterday evening 06/05/2015, and safely reached Kano our Home State this morning. Once again I commend you for the professional way you handled their respective Medical arrangement and Hospitality of your staffs towards all of them.

Thanks & Best regards
Saleh Rabiu

Mr. Dawa Narbur

25 Apr 2015 To all the wonderful staff keep up the great job. Thanks for making my ortho treatment & stay at MIOT truly pleasant one.
Dawa Narbur


J. Sekhar Be Livingstone

17 Apr 2015 In one word I can say that all in MIOT are simply “PERFECT” to my fullest satisfaction. I see in MIOT, the doctors, PROs, Staff & students - all working as a team in harmony for the success of your organization.

Dear Doctor,

I suffered a lot for the past 3 years due to Prostate enlargement. Considering the size of the gland, my age, my health (Type 2 Diabetic for 15 years) and my social status that God has bestowed me with, the surgeons here in Tirunelveli suggested me to Visit Madurai or Chennai for further treatment. Though the hospital name MIOT was known to me while we admit our compassion (Karuna Bal Vikas) home children and the recent case Mr. Roger Valentine I forwarded from our Rehabilitation Centre for his cardiac surgery made me select MIOT.

My very first impression on MIOT was highly impressive and it continued right through the diagnosis, treatment, surgery, post-operative care and also during the review. I was taken to your Urology Department on 21/03/2015 where i met Dr. Ashwin Sekhar and asked him to arrange for an emergency surgery so that i can get an immediate relief. With an assurance to give immediate relief from the agony of symptoms he prescribed two tablets and to have some tests done. I was so pleased with his gentle approach. Since I got immediate relief, I even thought of skipping surgery once again. However since my first impression on MIOT was so impressive with the confidence level of the surgeon Dr. Ashwin Sekhar in handling my case made me reconsider my stand.

I met your Medical Block PRO Mrs. Bhavani, and other corporate PRO’s Mrs. Hepzi and Mrs. Hema one by one to know more about MIOT, the health condition of Mr. Roger who was under your care in MIOT and about my surgery and the success rate etc. Being very highly impressed by their servicing mind and frankness I got admitted on 28.03.2015. Regarding allotment of room with a special care your Medical Block PRO Mrs. Bhavani took all efforts with extended care right through my treatment period and also while preparing my bill on time to make my discharge hassle free without making me wait and wastage of time.

The skill of the chief surgeon Dr. Shanmugasundaram and his juniors Dr. Ashwin and Dr. Lakshmanan were highly remarkable. By God’s grace and the healing hands of the doctors and the tireless, polite and kind services rendered by the ICU staff Ms. Thilaga and teammates, Medical Block (ward) sisters like Ms. Jothy & team. I need to mention here the comfortable words of one Ms. Nafisa a second year nursing student who came twice to do a case study.

I see in MIOT, the doctors, PROs, Staff & students – all working as a team in harmony for the success of your organization. I earnestly pray God to bless you all abundantly to be of tremendous help to the suffering human in our society.

In one word I can say that all in MIOT are simply “PERFECT” to my fullest satisfaction.

Thanks to you.
J. Sekhar Be Livingstone
Liaison Officer cum Projects Coordinator – CSI Tirunelveli Diocese,
High School for the Blind Campus