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Patient Testimonials

Indira Mistry.

FIJI 28 Sep 2018

I will always recommend anyone who needs expert advice and treatment to seek from MIOT International. Great service by all, God bless.

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Deva Dhason M

25 Sep 2018

I am great full to the hospital system, management medical and nursing service. I came for a routine checkupand PET- scan. But a clot in the pulmonary vein was located and admitted in CICU on emergency basis, thus saved my life..

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Vanessa Kathrina Agathine

Seychelles 24 Sep 2018

I felt like at home though I was home sick at first. The staff ( nurses ,doctors and the staff in Radiation centre) gave me all the support needed encourages me and make me feel happy.

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Bineeta Karan

FIJI 22 Sep 2018

Heartful thanks to the whole Miot team for my successful operation and fast recovery.very efficiency, dedication and motivation in every staff.perfect customer service.

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Jamila Khatun Dean

12 Sep 2018

I am amazed the the the staff of MIOT International give the service: Each and everyone is treated equally which is very good

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Anita Dutt

FIJI 11 Sep 2018

This hospital is so perfect in everything. It’s like so clean ,the people are so helpful and nice to me. In future if I have any problem I will come back to MIOT Hospital

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George VV

10 Sep 2018

The doctors were great very professional explained everything very well. The nursing and the administrative staff, pro team were very helpful.

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Akosita Vakada Valamalua

FIJI 01 Sep 2018

The doctors and nurses and the rest of the staff here made me feel right at home and I thank MD for the kind hospitality.

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