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Patient Testimonials

Jordannah Norma Belle

Seychelles 02 Jul 2019

Great.keep up the good standard and good will aim high..

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Maurice Lorenzo Joseph

02 Jul 2019

Excellent hospital and fantastic staff. Fantastic experience. Will always recommend Miot to my family and friends.

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Lawrence Constant

Seychelles 01 Jul 2019

Writing you to say a big thank you for taking good care of my father Mr Elie, Marcel Constant.

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Lisette Marie-France Denis

Seychelles 28 Jun 2019

Thank you very much may god bless you all we will miss all of you they are the heroes for fighting against all sickness.

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Robert Raymond Morgan

28 Jun 2019

Overall experience has been good Personal attention by the Doctors and staff much appreciated Appreciate regular visits by the MD who takes interest in the welfare of all the patients. The experience was very good.

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Conny & Marie-Claude

Seychelles 25 Jun 2019

I would like to Thank MD for the kindness welcome, you save us especially when you find this little time to come and visit my mother Marie-Claude.

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Sanjay Anand

Fiji 22 Jun 2019

I had a great months stay away from home in a relaxing and comfortable environment. I did not feel that. I was in a regular hospital. The hospital environment was very professional and accommodating to our needs..

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14 Jun 2019

We have completed the treatment of our child very successfully at MIOT and received all kind of advice and medicine accordingly.

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