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Patient Testimonials

Said K. Al Busaidi

I am retired Ambassador Said Khalifa Al Busaidi.

I was recently a patient at your hospital in India and am writing this email to thank you and your staff for living up to your motto “Putting Patients First”.

I came to India to have knee replacement surgery, but after running all the medical tests, it was concluded by you that it was too risky based on my health condition. I appreciate the fact that you put my health into consideration and not just carried out the surgery for financial gain. Thank you and all your staff for such honesty.

Said K. Al Busaidi.

Emmanuel Nkusi

I cannot thank you enough for the treatment i have so far received at Miot.

A real world class in art of medicine especially in orthopedics!! Thank you! I have an osteomyelitis since two decades and i have been in hospitals. I know what i am saying.

Thank you again. Let me also express my sincere appreciation towards Dr Rhahmaraju for his exceptional professionalism i saw during almost 3 weeks now.

Emmanuel Nkusi

Mrs. Massouma SERMAHOMED

I came with all my family on March for a heart operation of my mother Jehrabanou Hassam Alibay.

I’m writing to thank you a lot for what you have done for her and what you have done for us.
Your disponibility, attention, patience and support…everything honored us a lot.
My mother is restored to her normal health even if she still feels a little bit tired.

It is with pleasure that we will recommend your hospital

I wish you all the best for future.

Mrs. Massouma SERMAHOMED.

Nimi Kadir

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks for the wonderful customer service my colleague Yvonne and I received on 26/04/14 during our health check up.

I normally get my health check up done at Apollo on a yearly basis and experience long wait. I had raised this concern with Pushpa while booking my appointment and Pushpa assured me that we will be given a better service at MIOT. Pushpa indeed went to the extra mile and made arrangements that we were looked after from the start till the end.

We were looked after by this young energetic Gopalakrishan who was excellent and navigated us efficiently with the entire process. He made our checks easier with quicker access and indeed it turned out to be a pleasant experience. Gopalakrishan was with us throughout and made sure we were ok.

In this current work environment customer service is often neglected and we as customers often forget to appreciate good service. It was nice to see these 2 young MIOT staff did their best to provide us with a wonderful service. I want to acknowledge their service and let MIOT management know that Pushpa and Gopalakrishan are a real asset to your team.

Once again my sincere thanks to both of them and please keep up the good service.

I would also like to thank MIOT for providing the women’s health check for Rs 2500 for Pinakathon runners which was a real bargain.

Nimi Kadir

Erode Chandrasekaran

Thanks for your mail. Due to unavoidable family and personal reasons, we had to return to Canada but still propose to return sometimes in Nov/Dec this year for completing the TKR of my wife's left knee so that she can return to normal with both of her knees replaced.

I think you done the best for her to be taken in good condition for her hospitalization. I definitely appreciate that. I am sure to be able to recommend others Congolese friends which will need that kind of medical treatment. And myself I will be back for more medical control as the one I just went through for the last four days.

Concerning the checkup I did, I want to assure you that your Department in charge did everything to give me good service. One of his public relations did his best to assure to me an excellent service. I congratulated him for that and I think is one of the your staff which you will need for the improvement of your service mainly for most of foreigns who will be your best ambassador abroad for your good service.

Thank Madam Chairman for receiving me in your office and to solve the problem of my accommodation.

Erode Chandrasekaran.

Mrs. Ayesha Shazad

Words cannot express how deeply grateful we all are for the best care and treatment that you all have extended to our lovely Daughter.

My Daughter Ms. Ashjan Mohammad has arrived home safely together with her father.

We cannot thank you all enough for giving your time to my daughter, genuinely listening and answering to our all questions with great patience. She was blessed to have been in your hands, and above all my daughter was blessed to have Prof. Dr. P.V.A. Mohandas as her Surgeon.

Hope she will see you all soon for completion of her treatment, and also we would like to thank your staff of the operating room and and at Room No. 358 namely;
Sr. Elizebeth – Nursing Supervisor
Ms. Sheena – Ward Incharge
Mrs. Jayanthi Mala – Floor Incharge
Ms. Hariveni – Physiotherapist
Ms. Chithra – Staff Nurse
Ms. Lathi – staff Nurse
Ms. Shiny – Staff Nurse
Ms. Jenifer – Staff Nurse
Ms. Karpagavalli – Staff Nurse
Ms. Sharmila – Staff Nurse

They above all were phenomenal and very kind with my daughter. As still my daughter keeps telling me stories how they were so caring, please do tell them that we said Thank you. Me and my husband will always pray for you all to continue your great work and may God bless you all.

Mrs. Ayesha Shazad.

Dr. Emmanuel Simwanza

I had a safe trip back home.

Greetings from Zambia.

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt gratitude to you as chair, your warm and vibrant MD, Sheila and each and every member of MIOT International family for an unforgettable experience you allowed me to have in Chennai. Words are not enough to express what I feel.

Please continue living and practicing your motto: “Putting Patients first.”

May the Creator of Heaven and Earth richly bless you all.

Dr. Emmanuel Simwanza.

Thameem Khaja

Just I want to write you a note to express my thanks and appreciation.

I’m a patient who residing in Dubai, UAE. In the end of last month I got some severe fever and all doctors here couldn’t diagnose my viral. So straightaway I flew to India for further treatment with the advice of my family members and colleagues and visited your hospital on 4th Feb, 2014. I had all treated headed by Dr. Gayathri Poornima. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful my experience was at your hospital. The entire staff was warm, professional and concerned starting with my first contact.

First of all, I think Dr. Gayathri Poornima is the best! She is upbeat, upfront, concerned and caring. She is very professional and helpful. As a patient, I felt so comfortable with her during my visits in your esteemed hospital.

Everyone I came in contact with was a professional and seemed to be genuinely happy to be there. It was a calm and cheering atmosphere. I have high praise for your precious place and I make sure everyone I know hears about it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your brilliant services to all my near and dears. A special thanks goes to Dr. Gayathri Poornima and not to forget the entire team starting from the reception area to attendant staff. They all made me feel comfortable, safe and positive.

I wish you and your staffs all the best in future endeavors! Trust you may help out more people in the coming years with your immense service.

Thameem Khaja