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Patient Testimonials

Josephine Sowmive Larue

Seychelles 22 Oct 2019

The care, attention and professionalism of the medical team, nurses, support team from all departments have been exemplary.

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Rajkumar. K

30 Sep 2019

MIOT is a beacon of hope . A place where patients are cared for and healed.

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S. Prabavathi

28 Sep 2019

I admitted in the Hospital for the treatment at Neuro Surgery. After the Surgery I am feeling very well. Dr. Sankar is doing best and hospital premises are very clean. All the staffs are approaching well and treating the Best. Thank you for Treatment.

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Mithila Farjana

21 Sep 2019

Thank You for all the services from the hospital from the staff nurse, Employees, Management and specially doctors are like God here.

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Ramesh Sharma

19 Sep 2019

The hospital management staffs, Nurses, and Doctors, and administrative staffs treated me well with care. Especially I thank Dr. Shankar for his treatment.

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Maurice Lorenzo Joseph

06 Sep 2019

Always a great experience at MIOT. Especially interacting with the doctors, nursing staff and admin staff.

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Robert Raymond Morgan

Seychelles 03 Sep 2019

As in the past we have been well received and extremely well looked after.

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Mitondo Djamba Loick

Congo 15 Aug 2019

I appreciate the MD and I am very happy and thankful for the same. We were here earlier and we received the same excellent treatment.

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