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Chandran Whitchurch

I was admitted in Medical ICU of MIOT on the 29th of July for high grade fever and acute retention of urine.

On the 29th It was diagnosed as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and I was advised by Dr.Ranjith Kumar to undergo a minor Prostate surgery.

On the 31st the surgery was performed by Dr Natarajan &Dr Ranjith Kumar.

I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to You and all the Doctors, Nurses & PROs for all the care and kind attention they had given me right from the time of admission up to the day of discharge.

I want to specialy thank Dr. Ranjith Kumar and Dr. Natarajan for their most obliging post surgery advice over Phone and through SMS.

I once again wish to thank you for all the care and attention extended to me at MIOT.

Chandran Whitchurch

S Viswanathan

I am grateful to the detailed examination you made on my knee problem and for your esteemed advice.

I would attend to some of my scheduled work and opt for surgery after 03 November.

I also opted to get a master health check-up for Padma and myself. I would like to record my appreciation for the excellent facilities created and for the seamless procedures. In particular, the staff have been uniformly courteous, kind and efficient. Particularly, I would like to record my deep sense of appreciation for the help rendered by Mr Gopal of Public Relations and Ms Vinolini at the reception desk at Miot. They have been so caring and helpful.

S Viswanathan


I would like to first introduce myself as Mrs. Jhansi, sister of Editor of Deccan Chronicle Mr. Bhagwan Singh. I happened to admit one of our family members..

T.R.Suresh kumar for a fracture tibia shaft left leg after an accidental fall from chair 06/09/2013. Right from taking the patient in the ambulance of MIOT till the date of discharge on 13/9/2013, we assisted throughout right from the PRO Mr.Hariharan to the helper who had wheeled us to the exit enterance to our vehicle were very sincere honest and ready to attend to our call at anytime. The reception team with their smile seemed to convey that everything would be taken care of.

I would like to say a few words about your PROs Mrs.Vinolini, Geetanjali and puinitha who were of immense help throughout our stay both at the international block and the main block. In the post operative ward I was told by the patient, about the staff who would always be extending their help anytime, day or night with a smile on their face. The way they supported emotionally was really appreciable. May I take this opportunity to single out one Ms.Jana at post op. 1 and the rest of the team for their services to all the patients. An ever willing support from Vinolini in particular is always is cherished.

On the insurance desk when I was running here and there it was Mohammed who came down to earth in sorting out the financial stress with his appropriate means and ideas. The physiotherapist did an excellent job in seeing to that, the patient gains confidence and is up back to normacy in record time of two days.

Finally our salutations are due to the one and the only founder Dr. P.V.A.Mohandass and his team consisting of Dr. Ram prasad and others who had assisted in the surgery and the treatment given to Mr.Suresh.

Last but not the least is the way we were seen off whom by your team who had assured us of all the help that we may require in future. Our special thanks are due to Mr. Hariharan and his team for the support given.

Whishing MIOT and the team all the best in their future, I remain yours truly,


Sourav Kabi

I am writing on behalf of my family to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding care and compassion of your staff provided my mother (Mrs. Kabita Kabi) during her Total Hip replacement.

I received professional warm attention from the entire team assigned to my mom. >>From the warm welcome at the railway station to the final send off at airport, I was impressed. During our stay we did not encounter one negative person and everyone we came in contact with was professional, courteous and concerned with my well being from the staff in the housekeeping, food service, nursing staffs and doctors. I have had a few hospital stays and my experience at your hospital was by far the best care I have ever received. Since everyone we came in contact with was exceptional and especially the nursing staff, we hesitate to mention any names for fear of leaving someone out, but three of your nurses, Ms. Hariveni, Ms. Chandralekha and Ms. Lathi went way beyond the call of duty for us and deserves a very special thanks for their efforts.

Also wish fast recover for the other patients of MIOT Hospital.

Sourav Kabi

Justice S. Natarajan

I wish to thank you for the excellent treatment given to me at MIOT Hospital for my Femur bone fracture and for the excellent care taken of me by your good self, your team of Doctors and your Hospital Staff.

Thanks to all of you, there was no necessity of me to undergo surgery for the fracture injury. I am still walking with the help of a walker in the house but I have almost regained normalcy. However, as per your advice I have not resumed attending functions and meetings.

May I say a word of appreciation of the excellent manner in which you are running the MIOT Hospital. It can be easily ranked as one of the best maintained hospitals in the world.

Kindly convey my good wishes to your wife and son.

Justice S. Natarajan

Munusamy Balaji

I had ACL reconstruction surgery done by Dr. Jagedesh and Co on 3rd July.

I wanted to commend your team of staffs who made my stay for the surgery LESS ANXIOUS and bit more relaxed as i was really scared of the surgery.

First and foremost I wish to thank Dr. Jagedesh for giving me moral courage and support when I feared if I could walk after the surgery due to excruciating pain.

Also I commend these few people in International Bld who performed their duties very professionally and caring…

  • Duty Nurses: Sowmiya Pillay, Saraswathi
  • Post Op Ward: Mary, Sarala
  • Physiotherapist: Abisha
  • PRO of 4th Level in International Bld.

Munusamy Balaji

A. Magesh

This is to convey our hearty thanks for the service rendered to us. My father N.Akileswaran has been advised for the operation reosteosynthesis.

As per the advice from the chief doctor sir we have got admission on 5th of this month. After controlling the sugar levels he underwent an operation on 10/06/2013.

From the time of admission till discharge we have received good service from one and all. Yousuf in Insurance department has guided us well for getting the approval of insurance amount. Even at the time of discharge all the summary reports have been perfectly submitted to us with the clear instructions that needs to be followed. Srimathi from the billing department also responded well for our queries and the final settlement was also made faster.

Finally we got a good & best treatment. Once again thanks to all the departments who have been doing their best for the welfare of the patients.

Thank MIOT, You are really bringing out a new sunshine and bringing back the happiness in every ones life.

Our whole hearted thanks and regards to Mohan Das Sir and Ram Prasad Sir.

A. Magesh