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I take this opportunity in conveying my appreciation on the excellent care support the staff extended..

when i availed the opportunity of Master Health Check up sometime before. Dr.Mohamed Mansoori, General Physician and the Corporate coordinator.


Stafford Xavier

I am writing this email on behalf of our family. Our search for a good paediatric Doctor started in 2009 after we moved from the UK to Chennai,

We never least thought of coming to MIOT for our Kid due to the consulting fees and proximity of so many other paediatric doctors in our locality including Ramchandra, Surya and Vijaya hospital . One fine morning we decided why not try and its was then that started our association with MIOT or I would say Doctor V C Shrinivas.

Doctor Shrinivas is one of those Doctors I have seen without a “attitude” and so down to earth who knows how to deal with a patient and its attender, his subject knowledge has been fantastic and engagement with patient and their families has been impeccable in our opinion. It’s been 5 years now and even though we have seen a rise in the consulting fees thrice which was a concern, we as a family did not mind to continue with MIOT and Doctor Shrinivas for our kid. In fact our whole family and even our extended family have consulted with MIOT Doctors and it was Doctor Shrinivas who suggested we see the Doctors at MIOT.

When My Sister in law had a arm broken in a accident on GST road, it was only because of Doctor Shrinivas that we travel all the way back with that injury to consult and use your Ortho Doctors service including you. We were sceptical at first with the past experiences of inpatient care inputs given by friends but we decided to continue. Today my wife, kid extended family, I and even friends use your other department services and its only because of the way Doctor Shrinivas treated my kid and his recommendations time and again that MIOT has become part of our family.

In today’s technological, educated and fast paced world its hard to find a Doctor who has not just Doctoral skills but skills to influence people and a crowd puller. I would like to take this time to “Appreciate” Doctor V C Shrinivas who has been the influence in our health decisions and like to extend our HEART felt Gratefulness. May God Bless Him More and More and our wishes for more success in his career.

Stafford Xavier

Sheela Chandran

I would like to thank MIOT Hospital for providing me great service all through my treatment.

I came to MIOT for my Uterus surgery ( Fibroid ) and to reduce my Diabetics and Thyroid levels. Right from the consultation with Dr.Saraswathi Gokul Raj, ( Gynaecology specialist ), till the surgery doctor gave me complete hope and support both to me and my family. I also appreciate excellent hospital environment and the canteen service provided for patients and visitors. I am extremely happy to appreciate and thank MIOT as well as Dr.Saraswathi Gokul Raj, Dr.A.Aishwarya, Dr. S. Sridhar, MD ( Diabetology & Endocrinology) and their team for providing me world class treatment. I wish the entire team to continue their excellent service to every such patient.

Sheela Chandran


I wish to place on record the outstanding services of the entire team of Miot Hospitals ! My father- Mr D.Sridharan was admitted on 8th March requiring Bentall's procedure.

The team of surgeons lead by Dr V V Bashi successfully operated on him and he is being discharged today. My sincere thanks to Dr Bashi and his entire team – Dr Cherian, Dr Jyotsanna, Dr Karthik and Dr Julias Thilakar. My sincere apologies if I have left out any names. It is not intentional. In fact I should say that my father took sometime to regain conciousness (he was operated on 10th Mar and regained conciousness only on 12th March morning). We were given constant assurance by the entire team that he would recover and we should hope for the best ! Thanks also to the CT ICU staff who kept us informed of his progress from time to time.

In the room- thanks to all the sisters, room boys/women for their very courteous behaviour, Physiotherapist & Dietician for their services! . Also thanks to the billing team for spending extra time for telling us the exact amount and also going out of the way to help me !!

You have built a great team and are true to your Motto of ‘Putting Patients First’

Congratulations and wish you all the best !


B. Sridhar

Just a few lines to thank you and the team at MIOT for providing me best in class experience both during and post surgery on my recent AV replacement.

Having visited some of the most prestigious hospitals in the world, I would quite easily rate MIOT amongst some of the top health providers in the world backed by surgical expertise, high standard of excellence in post operative care, housekeeping standards (which some of the 5 star hotels can learn a lesson or two from) and extremely good quality and service of catering.

But, apart from this, what really impressed me was the commitment and service of the entire MIOT team top down; I believe this is largely due to the day to day involvement of the Mohan Das family in MIOT combined with a “hands on approach”. This attention has permeated through all ranks and file in adding credibility to your motto “putting patients first”.

Wishing your fine institution many years of providing quality health care both in India & abroad,

B. Sridhar


Subsequent to your advise, Dushind's mother (she is a fruit vendor in the Thiruvanmiyur market and their family is poor and needed financial assistance)..

approached my wife Gayathri for help in this regard. My wife did some initial validation of the cause and brought it to my attention. I took this up with SNEHAM – the Corporate Social Responsibility team of Infosys Chennai (I work in Infosys as a Delivery Manager at the Chennai centre)

They got in touch with the family and responded with their willingness to come forward with an initial share of the overall amount. Riding on this momentum, we took this up with other like minded Infosys and ex-Infosys employees and were able to collect around 1 lakh.

My wife and me came to MIOT hospital on 18th Jan 2014, to meet you in person. Ms. Geetanjali from the Public Relations team, was of immense help and she helped us to meet Dr. Ramprasad , MIOT. He examined Master Dushind, gave us a briefing on the surgery, expectation setting for the family members. He was very forthcoming with information, took keen interest and appreciated our collective effort in supporting the cause.

On 21st Jan, Dushind admitted to the hospital and we remitted the payment for the surgery, thanks to the collective support from our friends and colleagues. On 22nd Jan, the surgery was performed and Dushind moved from ICU to general ward the next day. On 25th Jan, we met Dr. Ramprasad to get his feedback and next steps on the boy’s condition. He expressed satisfaction and provided direction to the family on the next few weeks after he gets discharged. The hospital staff – Ms. Geetanjali, Mr. Monish in billing and all hospital staff were very supportive and cordial and we were very happy to see that Dushind was in safe hands during his stay in the hospital.

Dushind got discharged last Tuesday 28th Jan. It was very heartening to see the boy move his legs independently which hithero was not possible due to his condition. The family members of the boy conveyed their sincere gratitude to you and Dr. Ramprasad for the timely help and support rendered so far.

We look forward to your direction in the coming months when the boy is in the recovery period. Hopefully, when the PoP bandage is removed and the special shoes is fitted, he can attempt to walk with crutches and support.

We thank you again for making this complex surgery look simple and giving the much needed confidence to the family and clarity on the proceedings to us as well.


Rajagopal. V

I would like to put forth the exemplary treatment and care I received during the treatment for APML (Acute pro-myelocytic leukemia) at BMT Unit, MIOT hospital from 27 May 2013 to 20 December 2013.

It won’t be fair if I don’t thank it in my leased life. It all possible only due to the dedicated team of your hospital and BMT unit as special mention.

I myself a male nurse served in Indian Air force for 20years, now working in the same profile in a R&D department of Central Government hospital. My experience span over 30 years in medical service, I take this opportunity to highlight my immense feeling and appreciation towards service rendered by your hospital. I had an acute phase of severe anemia and bleeding tendencies in gums and sub-dermal bleeding. My clotting factor was totally deranged due to abnormal premature white cells in blood streams. I happen to observe this and blood test was done at my hospital. On seeing the test result, my Chief Physician referred me to MIOT for further treatment.

When I landed at MIOT, the expert Haematologist and Haemato Oncologist Dr. Chezhian Subash extensively examined me and put me to array of tests to confirm the diagnosis. When the result arrived within hour they pronounced the diagnosis of APML (A type of Blood Cancer) to me and to my wife. Life shattered and the earth slipped under my feet. But the assurance and confidence building measure by the doctor gave me full hope and faith. Next minute, the treatment started with correction of my blood counts with transfusion of multiple packed cell, platelet and clotting factor. All the aseptic precaution were taken and shifted me to Special BMT isolation room as my immunity was very low so as I should not get any opportunistic bacterial, fungal and viral infection. Quickly they charted out a Chemotherapy protocol. The chemotherapy also went side by side with transfusion. Initially all my blood requirement was met by MIOT transfusion department. Dr. M. Joshua Daniel also played a key role. When the selective blood components required, donors were arranged among my friends and relatives. I was closely monitored and every symptom reported was immediately attended by both doctors. Bone-marrow aspiration was also done to confirm/ check for the cellularity. Within a week all symptoms vanished, I felt disease free except mild chemotherapy effect. Within ten days I was shifted to normal room as my blood counts improved on its own. The initial induction period was only one month. I under went three cycle of consolidation with one month break in each cycle. You will not believe that I was absent for duty only 45 days. Most of the therapy went on with few days admission or as day care.

Exemplary professionalism, unparallel dedication and empathy shone by Dr. Chezhian Subash is what I am standing to say this testimony. I have no wards to express my gratitude and say thanks to almighty that he put me into the those able hands. Assistant Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Naved Ali, Dr. Vishnovi have good liaison with patients and took up the responsibility with zeal and enthusiasm. They minutely watch for any symptom when the chemotherapy or transfusion was on. Always at their feet to serve the patient.

Those angels of god, Sister Renuka, Della, Anju,Philomina, Tindu,Ligiee,Akila have untiring energy, never ending cheerfulness, polite, courteous, ever ready and pleasantly attending the needs is for what I wanted to thank and award them the centum marks. The close nit team member Technician Mr. Bagawathy needs a special mention for well planned, co-ordinated, swift and quick response when demand arises. He accords good reception to the donors and explain the collection procedure in simple terms, eases the anxiety. He is an asset to the unit. Secretary Mrs.Sumathy is very kind hearted always in a mood to lend help.

Your front office team at international block needs mention for courteous, helping nature and for their clock like precision work. All other supporting system are working as well oiled machine. The administration is so fine tuned there is no bottlenecks any where. It is really a international standard in all aspect.

Though the disease was so grievous, the stay at hospital was pleasurable and home away from a home. Minimal hospital stay and early resumption of normal life activity in my case was possible only when you put your patients first. I take this opportunity once again to thank you and wish that you serve to the god by serving humanity. Your service may continue to save many more gods children’s life and limb. My memorable stay at your hospital and the treatment will be edged in golden words in my memory and the relation with your hospital will be carried till last.

Rajagopal. V

Sushila Ramdas

I am Mrs. Sushila Ramdas, who had the opportunity to avail the Master Check Up package on 14-12-2013.

This is to thank you very much for such a good service extended to the ladies. It really helps the middle & lower middle class families who cannot bear the huge fees charged by the laboratories nowadays.

It is my sincere request to offer such service oriented packages frequently so that it will really help many ladies who could not register this month. There were many people who had to return as they could not get the registration done due to overcrowding.

Thanking you once again for the noble service offered by the management of MIOT hospital!

Sushila Ramdas