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Patient Testimonials

Soundravalli Kulandaiswamy​

11 Nov 2015

What impressed me most was that this kind of internationally comparable standard is available not only for the rich but for the common man what I have observed during my many visits to this hospital. Apparently elitist but practically for all is the greatest virtue I found in this hospital.

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Mr. Ravi

05 Nov 2015

“I didn’t think I would walk again! Thank God they finally decided to bring me to MIOT. You have to have skill, experience & facilities to treat a Stroke case effectively. Tomorrow, if I should ever see another person having a Stroke, I have no doubts on what to do. I learnt it the hard way..."

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N S Ganesh

04 Nov 2015

Normally no one writes back after returning from a surgery, but I thought I should place on record my sincere appreciation for all the support & courtesy I received during my stay in the hospital.

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Mrs. Elgiva Jayaram

26 Oct 2015

Words are not enough, gestures cannot explain, emotions cannot be understand and hence I find myself at a total loss of transporting my feelings into the realm of your God-fearing domain.

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Lalita Devi

19 Oct 2015

After ... [hip replacement by Dr. Prithvi Mohandas] at MIOT Hospital ... [my mother] can walk, laugh & sleep at night properly.

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Nidup & Nida

07 Oct 2015

I would recommend your facility 100%

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Mrs. Genny Commettant

Seychelles 10 Sep 2015

The doctors and nurses provided ... [displayed a] positive attitude from the beginning of my stay until the end of my treatment.

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Nazrul Islam Mallick

Bangladesh 10 Sep 2015

I'm very happy after my neck surgery. I have got good services from every ... doctor to security guard.

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