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Patient Testimonials

V. Premakumari

06 Feb 2021

Past 15 yrs we have been taking treatment and services at MIOT Extremely good service and timely treatment and recently services offered by Dr. Harshita Bakshi and the team were fantabulous and overwhelming. Thank you all for your wonderful service. Keep up the good job.

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Anoop Jaiswal

05 Jan 2021

I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation of the highly professional and efficient medical service provided by the hospital.

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Vinayan Mankara

04 Jan 2021

To many, MIOT is a hospital. To me its heavens best gift. MIOT and Dr.Prithvi Mohandas in particular has gifted me the ability to walk again, something that I never thought possible in my previous condition.

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Radha Seshadhri

03 Jan 2021

No words of gratitude nor my use of adjectives with limited vocabularies would suffice to appreciate this super fine surgery they conducted meticulously without damaging any other organ.

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S Rajagopalan

19 Dec 2020

Nurses are doing a commendable service in taking concern of patients from time to time. Great service to human sacrificing yourself.

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Shafiqul Islam Liton

Bangladesh 17 Dec 2020

I thank the management authorities and the kind of help I get from MIOT Hospitals.

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Lorenzo Calamai

Italy 12 Dec 2020

I just came to MIOT INTERNATIONAL to do colonoscopy and gastroscopy. The team treated me very well during my stay in hospital. Regarding the check up they have done a very good job and they did the treatment very fast, actually I can say better than I used to do in Italy. Thank you very much.

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VG Divya

08 Dec 2020

Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, it is possible to talk to the doctor even from abroad.

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