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24th Apr 2021

My son had an accident in oct 2020. A heavy gate that might weigh up to 300kgs almost fell on him where one of the gate’s edges scratched his forehead and the other fractured his leg. We rushed to a hospital in Pondicherry itself where they did an operation and it turned out to be irregularly placed. My son had to suffer with a lot of pain until we took him to another hospital in kadalur where they did a surgery to fix his leg with nails. As we went for a review the next month, the X-rays still showed it to be bent. They couldn’t explain why and what to do next, to us properly and all the doctors had to say was that he requires another major operation and made it all sound scary.

We had to shift to another hospital and that’s when my sister who’s worked at Miot before suggested we consult the doctors at Miot once. We had a consultation with the Chief doctor Dr.Ram Prasad and Dr.Mahesh Karthik and they fixed an operation within the next 2 days. Though we were still hesitant and scared, by the end of 3 months, his leg got healed well and he is finally able to walk again. *All credits go to Dr.Ram Prasad and Dr.Mahesh Karthik who are no less than gods to us.

The doctors at Miot didn’t use any of the method that were previously told in other hospitals to us, they made the treatment simpler, highly effective and much much better. They corrected all the previous irregularly done surgeries and healed my son in a shorter period of time.

Whether they have money or facilities doesn’t matter in a hospital until and unless there are qualified doctors who can treat you in the best way. Quality treatment is what mattered here and that is exactly what Miot gave us.