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Ajay Kumar Das

In recent past of seven month when driver is not available I have driven down to your hospital more than 15 times with critically ill person at night.
  • I do not know how to start but let me tell you that I have seen smiles in many faces those who are completely lost. It is because of you, MIOT.
  • I am Ajay Kumar Das, a retired Naval Officer staying in Arakkonam. My house is in Defence colony. I run a small travels agency to help people those who mostly need to go to hospitals. Most of my clients are central Govt employees or retired. During this period when I carry the person to your hospital mostly without hope. But I was wrong.
  • I want to quote two cases especially when I see them now “A great smile on faces” Now they are very happy and what not———?
  1. Mr Hanifa who was very seriously ill due to defect on brain. Family members are tensed when I was driving down. He was admitted and brain was operated. Now he lives happily. His smile speaks about you.
  2. Mrs janardhana who was almost paralysed in the bed for last 3 years. After heap operation she started walking with a help of stick, but I am sure she will walk with out stick soon. We see “A great smile in her face which speak about you”
  • The way MIOT works is fantastic. A lot of young faces (staffs) in the hospital which says you believe on new generation. Another best thing is that you have given opportunity to the North East personnel with respect and style. There is no end for you. Keep doing the way you doing and success will touch your feet always.
    “Jai Hind and jai MIOT”

Ajay Kumar Das

Lalitha Mohan

My husband, Lt. Col (Retd.) Mohan Krishnan has just completed Autologus Stem Cell transplant on Feb 20th. We were there in the hospital for nearly a month. (total isolation) Before the treatment commenced,

Dr. Chezhian Subash and Dr. Joydeep Chakrabartty gave us detailed explanation of what is Autologus Stem Cell transplant which would be done in two phases – harvesting and the transplant. They also told us that various side effect would take place during the procedure and also there was a ten percent risk to the patient’s life during the procedure. Hearing this, I was apprehensive whether my husband would be able to go through this treatment. But my husband was ready to face it and then I realized that I had to give him the courage to go ahead with the treatment. Each day troubled by fear, anxiety and worry was there within me but all that would vanish when we see both the doctors in the noon. Frequently they would come and see him to find out whether he was OK – any problem. That kept us going!

Every day was a new experience – an experience which we never experienced in our life and we took it on our stride to face it. The doctors presence was enough to lift all our problems away.

Here I would like to mention the three sisters – Renuka, Della and Anju – who tirelessly work in the BMT department always smiling, a kind word and a lot of advice as to ease the problem and the encouraging words were so soothing to us which always left a smile on our face too.

They are far away from their families but there was no complaint at all – their attitude and dedication one should be proud of.

Last but not the least is Bhagwathy – simple, unassuming and soft spoken. Always ready to get the blood donor or for the platelets for my husband.

Dr. Raja who always came to find out whether my husband had any problem, everything was OK and whether he was comfortable or not. Before he left for the day, he would come over again here and enquire about him.

The complete BMT staff was so helpful that we never knew how time passed by.

We are even grateful to Dr. Chezhian Subash and Dr. Joydeep Chakrabartty for all the help rendered to us and there are no words to express one gratitude. This bond will be there till the last…

Lalitha Mohan

Lalitha Mohan.

My husband Lt. Col (Retd) Mohan Krishnan is undergoing treatment here at MIOT for multiple Myleoma.

Being an ECHS member, we had gone to our polyclinic for an orthopedic problem thereby they referred us to MIOT. After going through the various tests and scans, it was revealed that he had Multiple Myleoma problem here, we were referred to the Oncology Department and the doctors suggested a treatment of Radiation for 5 weeks under Dr. Vijaygopal.

This went off well and there was a marked improvement regarding his pain. Now after this we were referred Dr. Chezhian Subash and  Dr. Joydeep Chakrabartty for chemotherapy. Both the doctors called us and gave a detailed idea as to what is chemotherapy, the duration, the side effects and how to go about it. Under their able guidance and help it went off smoothly without much side effects. After 4 weeks of chemotherapy, they once again told us about the next set of treatment. Autologus Stem Cell transplant. This procedure was pre-planned in detail (what could and would happen during the treatment) and the outcome of it.

By now we were very confident that we would have this treatment done here only at MIOT (even though oncology is not covered here by ECHS) and that is because of faith, trust and confidence we have with Dr. Chezhian Subash and Dr. Joydeep Chakrabartty inspite of facing financial constraints to pay off for this expensive treatment, we have taken a heavy loan to go ahead with this treatment and the reason being that my husband is in the hands of such capable and able doctors like Dr. Chezhian Subash and Dr. Joydeep Chakrabartty. We need such doctors who are thoroughly dedicated to their profession and I am sure MIOT is proud to have them in their panel of doctors. We wish them all the best in all their endeavours.

I once again thank God for bringing us to such able hands like these two doctors.

Lalitha Mohan.

Sudheer Soolapani

Having suffered almost beyond endurance, I began to look for options to get my hip joints operated.

11 years is a long time to experience pain in both the legs caused by a very agonizing and limiting disease – Bilateral Avascular Necrosis. It was as if by luck or fate, I met an acquaintance of mine who had undergone a successful surgery at MIOT. Subsequently, I went to MIOT and met Dr. Prithvi Mohandas in December, 2011. In spite of his obvious busy schedule, he spent a considerable amount of time to explain the various options available to me and assured that after the THR (Total Hip Replacement), I would be able to lead a normal and painless life, which at that time seemed like a dream to me.

May I also mention that the total cost of the operation/replacement was much less than what other hospitals were charging in Kerala. I was operated on my left leg in January, 2012. It has to be pointed out that the stay at MIOT was very comfortable and the staff ensured that I was given a lot of care and support. The mere presence of Dr. Prithvi Mohandas when he came for rounds was very assuring and inspired confidence. We were pleasantly surprised that, as assured in the beginning, I was discharged in a week and was confident enough to walk unaided within mere five weeks of discharge. My second leg was operated in a 7 months gap in August,2012. This time round I was much more relaxed and knew what to expect. Now, a year after the hip joint replacements, I am almost a different person physically and mentally as my legs are totally free of pain.

I and my family are extremely thankful to Dr. Prithvi Mohandas and the MIOT hospital for helping me get back to leading a normal life as Dr. Prithvi Mohandas had assured in 2011.Wishing Dr. Prithvi Mohandas and MIOT hospitals all success.

As MIOT says, they do always put their patients first!

Sudheer Soolapani


At the outset I would like to thank you very much for being provided proper care when I underwent into Master Health check up with your esteemed Medical facility MIOT in Chennai,

I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitute and appreciation for the entire time of MIOT and especially Dr.Mohammed Mansoor whose outstanding care, the PRO Ms.Geethanjali and also the Executive Mr. Hariprasath for their duty bound support and co-operation extended to me during the check ups.

I wish you all the best for giving an extraordinary health service for the people to enable them to have a long life !


Mrs. Rajeswari

This is to express my profound gratitude and appreciation for the excellent professionalism and care rendered to my daughter, Ms. Devi, who recently underwent a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure at your esteemed institution.

It was in the first week of January 2013, when we had our first consultation with Dr. V. Bhaskaran, Bariatric Surgeon. Dr. Bhaskaran handled her case with utmost professionalism and in a systematic manner. Having first diagnosed her hypertension and endocrine problems, he directed her for a Nephrology consultation and Edocrinology consultation.

I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation and thanks also to Dr. Ganesh Prasad, Senior Nephrologist, who got an ABP monitoring machine fixed on Devi, had a nuclear scan and other related tests done with regard to her kidneys. This apart, he also sent her for a cardiology and ophthalmic check up, as he wanted to ensure that her heart and eyes are not affected because of hypertension. Within three weeks, he ensured that with proper treatment, her BP was brought well under-control.

I also wish to thank, Dr. Sridhar, Senior Diabetologist & Endocrinologist, and his team who ensured that her entire endocrinology work up was done and then started her on the right medication.

Having been cleared for surgery, the date for Devi’s surgery was fixed for Tuesday, 12th February. Here I must mention that Dr. V. Bhaskaran and his team, did their very best and went much beyond
their mere call of duty in attending to Devi, who was able to recoup fast after the major surgery.

Dr. Bhaskaran, this is just a taken of my sincere gratitude and appreciation from an ‘anxious’ mother. Thank you for your patience and time spent (despite your busy schedule), in clearing all our doubts and apprehensions and for instilling the confidence, prior to the surgery, that Devi would be in ‘safe & able’ hands. I must also thank you for your frequent visits & follow-ups post the surgery, in ensuring that all is well.

Efficient nursing care, particularly at C-1 ward complemented the work of the surgeons. (Thanks to Sisters Arokiam, Helen, Swapna & Sathya)

My sincere appreciation and gratitude to your able & proficient Secretary, Ms. Pushpa, who went about co-ordinating everything for us systematically, despite her own busy schedule. Thank you, Pushpa.

Madam, I am confident that the MIOT Hospitals, ably led from the front, by it’s founder, Prof. Dr. P.V.A. Mohandas, your good-self, Dr. Prithvi Mohandas, and complemented with a team of able, highly qualified, committed and dedicated medical professionals, will grow from great, greater to greatest, not only in India but also internationally.

May the exemplary services rendered by the hospital continue, as you aim in ‘Putting Patients First’.

Thank you once again & I pray for God’s choicest blessings on MIOT Hospitals and the entire team.

Mrs. Rajeswari

V.Madhusudhana Rao

I Mr. Madhusudhana Rao, took Radiotherapy at Miot hospital in the month of january..

Wishes to acknowledge with deep appreciation and profound satisfaction for the service you have rendered to us when we were in deeply depressed and suffering stage.

The Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, also the secretary of the Department of Radiation oncology, were very patient, caring, and very skillful. They all wore a smiling face, which itself drives away our mental agony. Really I am thrilled with the hospitality which transformed my pain into a little more comfort. I feel I made a correct decision in choosing your Hospital, which is a budding one, equipped with latest technology.

I hope, the hospital continues to keep up the same tradition in coming days also.

V.Madhusudhana Rao


Thanx a lot for such quick response. You guys are really professionals.

I got operated in 2006 December by Dr. Sathish Kumar. In 2007, we got transferred back to Mumbai after which lipoma recurred and I got operated in one of the most famous hospital in Mumbai. I am telling this because i tell everyone that Miot is the best. Its high time that I let u know guys know that you are the best. In Miot, i was only discharged after the drain was removed, everything was so systematic. Doctors were extremely helpful. I had stayed in the Retreat section. so the whole system of taking me to OR and no crowding outside OR, giving me cell phone to talk to my family when i was kept for observation was just amazing. Dr. Mohandas coming himself to meet all the patients, i can say with that positive and such strong energy, any patient’s recovery time would be reduced by half. Nurses coming in time whenever they are called for. Cleanliness is the most important thing and the hospital is sparkling clean, 10/10.

Whereas in mumbai, i was discharged in 3 days with my drain still oozing. every 2 days i had to spend 1000 rs from my home to hospital to get my drain checked. Doctor told me very clearly that he will not operate if lipoma occured for third time since it is very time consuming. The whole system was pathetic, no one was interested in patient’s comfort. Nurses were pathetic. When it came to cleanliness, i would give them 4/10. I stayed in non-a/c for 3 days, still bill amount was almost double than in miot where i stayed for 8 days in Retreat even using the beauty parlour and restaurant service on 7th day.

i called you guys for histopath report, i got it immediately. the guys in mumbai told me to call up tomorrow to just know the status.

Of course, right from the doctors, the receptionist talking with a smile, the lady who gives sponge bath, the cook who prepares food for patient, they all constitute in making a hospital which all hospitals have. Most of the hospitals only concentrate on the top layer, but miot sees to it that all the layers right from topmost till lowest are best.

once again, MIOT is best.