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Patient Testimonials

Dean Paolo Percival Rose

Seychelles 29 Aug 2017

My stay at MIOT hospital has been very positive.

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Sathya Prabhakar

24 Aug 2017

Hospital is well maintained. Nursing care is superb. Hospital authorities are most cordial both to the patient and the attendants. All the very best.

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Philip Daniel Abass Roberto

South Sudan 24 Aug 2017

I thank every member of MIOT staff not because they have given me treatment but also for the care that I’ve seen with my own eye.

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Seru Nemani Michael L Lalaovitilevu

Fiji 16 Aug 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hospital team for the treatment that I have received in MIOT especially from doctors and nurses.

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Anne Marie Claudia Lavigne

Seychelles 16 Aug 2017

It is the second time in MIOT hospital, my treatment went very well which I'm grateful for that.

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Wazedul Islam P

Bangladesh 16 Aug 2017

My stay here is very enjoyable,I did not feel that I was ill

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Fiji 15 Aug 2017

Staff and everyone that we met were very helpful, made our stay memorable.

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Indra Wati

08 Aug 2017

This hospital is really great in everything such as Dr. Baskaran did his job very well.The doctors and nurses were very friendly to me.

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