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Daya Kannan

03 Apr 2018 I’m writing this to you to thank you for the excellent doctors you have in your hospital

Dear Chairman,
MIOT International

My father Shri Parthasarathy Kannan was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in the stomach and underwent major surgery on the 6th of March 2018. The operating surgeon was Surgical Gastroenterologist Dr Karthik Maruthachalam.

I’m writing this to you to thank you for the excellent doctors you have in your hospital. In particular, Dr Karthik M. I showed my father’s reports to a few other surgeons for a second opinion and all of them said that had my father been on their operating table, they would have closed him up and refused to go ahead with the surgery (as the tumour had spread to a much larger area than presumed). Dr Karthik not only took a risk and gave my Dad a chance by proceeding with the operation but also followed it up with such meticulous attention that my father has not only recovered completely from the surgery but also has a chance at fighting his battle with cancer.

My father has Stage 4 Cancer. Given that he is over 75 and that the disease is at an advanced stage, the oncologist told him that he had 8 months to a year at most. This understandably depressed him and he was losing the will to fight it out. He started panicking at every instance of pain and was mentally perturbed. We consulted Dr Karthik again for the pain and he not only put Appa’s fears (about the cancer causing the pain) to rest but also took the time to tell my father that chemotherapy was going to be difficult but that he should push through and never give up… my Dad had been saying that he wouldn’t get chemo etc but after Dr Karthik’s positive discussion he is looking forward to fighting it out.

I cannot express how thankful I am that we had such a wonderful and truly empathetic doctor who went to such great lengths to ensure my father’s recovery and motivate him to continue chemotherapy later on. The attention to detail and the personal care that has been given to my father really touched me.

I am extremely impressed with your choice of doctors and the overall attention received at MIOT. I have been to many hospitals but your institution stands apart in not only medical treatment but also that personal touch. Please keep up the good work.

Warm regards,

Daya Kannan

Salochna Singh.

02 Apr 2018 The treatment and service provided to me was unexpected whereby I never felt that I am away from my home, family and country.


I Salochna Singh paitent of your hospital hereby on behalf of my son, my family members and I heartly and sincerely thanking the chairman, Madam Saraswati and her team, the nurses, caters, aayas (cleaners), laundry staffs, staffs supplying food, your team members, all staff those were directly involved in my treatment and service and specially not forgetting you for the service and treatment as despite some misunderstanding I was received and went under operation will a high note of successful operation.

The treatment and service provided to me was unexpected whereby I never felt that I am away from my home, family and country. The sisters are so friendly and prompt in their service. The daily visitation by doctors and Mr, MD always motivated me in my daily healing and strength.

There are so many good things learnt from your staffs and I will always remember and miss them.

I will miss all of you.

May god bless all staff of MIOT International from Head to the staffs till gardeners and their families.

Please do send my families, my sons and mine sincere appreciation to all your staff members specially to those directly involve in my treatment (the Mr MD, The doctors, the nurses of floor 4 and aayas.

With regards and best wishes.

Salochna Singh.


Zanzibar 10 Feb 2018 Appreciation for the Best Medical Services Provided For Ahmed Yussuf Mgaza

The Chairman,
MIOT International

I am Ahmed’s father from Tanzania Zanzibar. My son and I arrived in MIOT Hospital on 28th day of January 2018 at 9.00 am. Basing on the highest degree of treatment and management that rightly commenced when we took off in Chennai airport, and during our all stay, unless we express a set of complement to your esteem hospital, we feel confined ourselves in a sealed cage.

Our sincerely appreciation is conveyed to the hospital management for convergence of specialists in all fields of medicine. It is ideally and practically implants hopes to all patients and their relatives. This however rests on the base of staff commitments and better working arrangement that resulting to effective, timely and proper diagnosis.

We direct our profound gratitude to all staff members in MIOT hospital for their cooperation with us, we faced no difficult in the course of their services. Whenever we sought any assistance, they warmly supported and guided us with a clean heart. Professionally they are care givers, and in fact we have been enjoying their language of care.

Personally we mention the names of Dr. Shanmuganandhan (Rheumatologist), Dr. Mahesh Karthik and Dr. Kalai (Orthopaedists) for their physical, medical, ethical and psychological treatment, it leads us remaining under the honest belief that health status of Ahmed shall be restored in next to no time. In this regard they deserve worthy of credit.

Exceptional merits are directed to a team of nurse under the supervision of Ms. Shobana for their tired less management in the day and night. Few on behalf others are Kavya, Sherly Selvaraj, Kalpana Vignesh, Sangeetha, Deepa, Devika, Babitha, Sharmila and Anita. They collectively hold MIOT Slogan “PUTTING PATIENTS FIRST “into a real practice for their hospitality and valuable services.

It is undisputable fact witnessed in our overt eyes that MIOT Hospital is more than the best resort for all medical solutions in the world.
We wish you all the best.

Yours affectionately,
(Ahmed’s Father)

T Ravi

08 Feb 2018 I would like to express my gratitude for the kind services and effective treatment at your reputed MIOT Hospital.

Respected Madam,

I T. Ravi, an attendant of the patient Shri Ganga Rao, Andaman and Nicobar Islands would like to express my gratitude for the kind services and effective treatment at your reputed MIOT Hospital, Chennai. My uncle was being referred to your reputed hospital on ANISHI scheme by G. B. Pant Hospital, Port Blair last month. I’m extremely thankful to your staff Mr. B. Santhosh Sir, ANISHI, A & N coordinator here in all respects. His helping nature and polite attitude given a big relaxation to us as we are new to this city. I’m also very thankful to Shri Dr. Shanmugha Sundram Sir and Shri Dr. Laxman Sir for their co-ordination and polite nature. Besides this, the entire campus of this hospital is very clean and greenery which acts as a catalyst to get early recovery of any patient. Someone said, “If one treats a patient with love, motivational aspects and good behavior then the patient’s illness would be cured more than 50% without any medicine”. I think all are exists here, my hearty thanks to MIOT hospital.

Thank u Madam,


T Ravi

Rear Admiral S Ramsagar AVSM, VrC, NM (Retd.)

27 Dec 2017 Executive at the corporate help desk of your hospital rendered excellent service and guidance to me.

Dear Chairman & Chief of MIOT Hospitals,

I was referred to your excellent Hospital by ECHS Military Hospital for some checks and treatment. Mr. Britto executive at the corporate help desk of your hospital rendered excellent service and guidance to me. In appreciation of his good service, not only to me but also to all the service veterans visiting your hospital through ECHS military Hospital, i am writing this letter of appreciation.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,
Rear Admiral S Ramsagar AVSM, VrC, NM (Retd.)

Rahamat Alla Hassan Saeed Babekir

Sudan 26 Dec 2017 My thanks go to Dr. Visakan, Prof. Mohandas and also to the Hospital chairman and administration team.

On June 17, 2015, my son Mohamed, 23 years old, had got a motor cycle accident where he had lost the bones of the left side of his head including his left eye and its orbit.

We spent two months in Sudan for medical treatment where all the broken bones and the left eye had been removed and he had been left with unprotected brain while his memory was completely lost.

On first week of September 2015, we received an offer from a well-known international hospital in India for conducting the plastic surgery at Bangalore where we accepted the offer and went there within short time, but unfortunately we spent more than three weeks in this hospital without any progress. They only conducted the investigations without any decision taken for further steps towards the plastic surgery or any medical treatment.

On Thursday, 24th of September 2015, while we are there in Bangalore, we received an offer from MIOT International Hospital administration through our Sudanese coordinator, Mr. Monjid and immediately we decided to go there and we had been in Chennai in the same day at 22:00 pm.

During Friday and Saturday 25 & 26th of September 2015, they finalized all the necessary investigations and stayed on Sunday as a holiday. On 28th of September the plastic surgery was done successfully by the intellectual physician, Dr. Visakan, by conducting a very big surgery operation which spent more than three hours to cover the brain by Titanium Mesh for protection of the brain as a first step forward of our medical treatment in MIOT Hospital. We spent about three weeks in the hospital for medical treatment and to insure the complete recovery of our patient. After that Dr. Visakan informed that he can’t conduct any further surgery operation because the muscles and all tissues are very soft and we have to go home and come after nine months.

We came back to MIOT Hospital after nine months and on the second day I had been told to see Dr. Visakan where he explained to me his plan regarding my son’s plastic surgery that he is going to take a small bone from the rib to fabricate the eye orbit, as he said, and the eye doctor will repair the damaged eye foundation from the interior soft tissues of the mouth and asked me to sign. I didn’t hesitate to sign immediately because it was already known to me he can do what he said.

The second plastic surgery was done successfully by Dr. Visakan and his team. We stayed in the hospital for more than one month for medical treatments and more confirmations for my patient complete recovery and then went home to come after three months for artificial eye installation which had been done in the planned date successfully also. Although the third plastic surgery of the artificial eye installation is an eye doctor job, but Dr. Visakan joined the team which indicated that he is really helpful doctor who always looking after his patients and gives them unlimited supports to be recovered in short time so as to enjoy their times well and healthy.

That is my experience with MIOT International Hospitals, mainly with Dr. Visakan, the man who I have never met a doctor like him. He is very intellectual and proficiently doctor. I’m really appreciating him for the high performance of his medical treatment and care towards my patient and towards me also, because he considered me just as a one of his colleagues and not co patient.

Finally, my thanks go to Dr. Visakan, Prof. Mohandas and also to the Hospital chairman and MIOT Hospitals administration mainly for Mr. Galal Hamid. My thanks also go to my Sudanese colleagues who are the co coordinators in the hospitals for their unlimited supports for us mainly my friend Mr. Monjid and his team.

Thank you very much and all the bests


Rahamat Alla Hassan Saeed Babekir



19 Dec 2017 It was a great experience during my stay at MIOT.

It has really changed my lifestyle I got new lease of life from MIOT I can’t thank the doctors enough for their tireless efforts to give to save my life I should have come here much earlier to MIOT.

Thanking you


Piroji and Vispi Mehta

30 Nov 2017 Would like to express our sincere thanks and congratulate you for giving the people of India such a fine hospital.

Good Morning Dr. Mohandas.

I was admitted into your hospital on the 20th November with an acute food allergy. There was very little information that I could convey to your staff as this was the first time this had happened to me in 72 years.

From the moment that I was brought in to the casualty, your entire team swung into action, with extreme care, and total professionalism, my wife who was with me was initially in a state of panic but when she saw the care I was given, she began to relax.

I was shifted to the ICU, where that care and understanding was clearly visible.

Unfortunately I do not remember the names of the Doctors, Nurses and staff that took care of me and possibly saved my life, my wife and myself would like to express our sincere thanks and congratulate you for giving the people of India such a fine hospital, backed by a very professional , but more important, caring staff.

I would also like to thank the lovely lady who heads the corporate client affairs for helping me to sort out all my billing procedure and waiting with us till we were driven back to the ITC Grand Chola.

The funny part was that the 21st was our 45th wedding anniversary and I spent the morning in the ICU with the nurse while my wife waited downstairs. Anyway that is a story we can tell our grandchildren.

You and your staff are doing a fine job and we thank you for that.

Kind Regards

Piroji and Vispi Mehta