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Samuel Bironga Mokaya

11th Nov 2020

Dear Dr. Prithvi Mohandas,

We are from Nairobi, Kenya and I was diagnosed with colon cancer at one of the hospitals in Nairobi towards the end of September, 2020. This took us into a spin and our local Doctors advised us to do it in Nairobi as quickly as possible. We had several cases that have been done here in India very successfully and on that basis, we embarked on looking for the hospital that can be able to admit. We sent our medical report to several hospitals in India for the quotation and possibly admission. For the seven hospitals, we sent our request; it was only MIOT International that came up with a personalized quotation and interpretation of our case. The interpretation was so clear and understandable to the extent that we felt that we have someone who has known the remedy of what is ailing me.

All the necessary facilitation for the visa was arranged and we arrived here on 13th October 2020 at 10.30pm. It did not take long; I was met by Prof. V. Baskaran who explained to us how him and his team were going to manage my case. I went through the investigations and the first surgery which entailed a resection of the affected part was done 6 days upon my arrival, the 19th day of October, 2020. The second surgery to close the ileostomy was performed on 30th October, 2020. In both cases, I was informed in detail what was being carried out. All were very successful. Notwithstanding my problem, the experience with the MIOT International has been really humbling.

The MIOT management staff has been very helpful. The Doctors have been visiting me regularly; the nurses are always ready to help. The nurse’s response time once you press the red button is amazing; before you could settle your head, they were already standing next to you enquiring the kind of assistance you needed. The ambience in where we are staying is perfect; clean and has no trace of hospital association, just like in any modern hotel. I would, however, wish to point out one thing that I came to realize after a short stay at MIOT. As you may be aware, sick people do have endless questions which they keep on asking now and again, repeatedly. The regular visits we received from the doctors were perfect. Especially Prof. Baskaran who was very patient with our endless questions. We really appreciated this and this formed part of the portion of my healing. His patience is indeed a rare trait. We take this special occasion to thank him very unreservedly for the numerous times he spent in understanding our case and explaining it effortlessly to me.

The last few days, I dealt with Dr. Suman who also demonstrated an adequate amount of patience to my enquiries. Lady Sujithra was equally very understanding and came to visit us every morning. Generally, all the staff we interacted with were good and caring.

Finally, we are now going home as a happy couple. We have taken all the contacts and definitely will be in touch all the time. Both as a follow up for my case or referring someone to this wonderful facility. Keep it up and God bless you all.

Many thanks,
Samuel Bironga Mokaya (Patient)
Dr. Sophia Moraa Bironga (Attendant)
Nairobi, Kenya

Mr. Samuel Bironga Mokaya shares his experience at MIOT Hospitals