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Patient Testimonials

Claude Honeane Broche

Seychelles 14 Mar 2016

Very well taken care of, nice staff, very caring, too caring in fact. We’ll recommend...

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R. Balasubramanian

TamilNadu, India 09 Mar 2016

My family joins with me to thank the MIOT Oncology team for their selfless work and support.

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J Krishnan

26 Dec 2015

Today my mother Ms. Perundevi is with us, it is because of you - MIOT TEAM.

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Renal Patient

23 Dec 2015

Gentlemen It is a natural disaster! We deeply share our concern with the great organization!

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18 Dec 2015

“It is because of your hospital & international standards my father is back today I’m more than happy that we have a hospital like MIOT in south India with international standards & protocol.”

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JP Acharya

17 Dec 2015

I would like to once again thank you and the staff of MIOT Hospital for looking after my mother.

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Balu Ranganathan Ph.D

USA 25 Nov 2015

"Your entire team was on high alert (due to rains) and your staff Ms. Deborah was no exception. ... she was assigned a herculean task of shifting patients to keep them comfortable. She did an outstanding job of having a close watch on the records of the shifting patients and also informing the corresponding attending doctors."

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Captain Sekar

14 Nov 2015

I am glad I chose MIOT for my treatment amongst the choices I had. I have recovered well during the past 3 months and back to my defence consultancy work, all of which I owe to MIOT and lots to Dr. Sreekumar Pillai and his team.

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