Ms. Roshini D Sharma

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Ms. Roshini D Sharma

13th Feb 2017

Dear Madam,

I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to the staff and management of MIOT for the successful surgery of my husband, Nitendra Kant Sharma. The assistance and care provided by the various doctors, specialists are commendable. Their helpfulness and service shows their commitment and dedication towards MIOT.

Their concern for us was not only limited during our stay in MIOT but am happy that whenever I need to consult with any of your staffs, they make themselves available. I was also pleased with the speech therapy department and would also like to thank Dr. Shrimathy who has been of great assistance to me, by providing the speech therapy for my husband during our stay at MIOT. She used to come to the room every day for the speech therapy classes.

Before my husband’s DBS surgery, his voice was very low, he would whisper and it was very difficult for us to understand what he was saying, but after his speech therapy with Dr. Shrimathy, he is slowly improving. After his discharge from the hospital on 20th of January, Dr. Shrimathy contacts me through phone to advice and regularly checks on the progress of my husband despite the time difference between Fiji and India. We communicate through WhatsApp, we do the therapy and send recordings to her for her feedback of where he needs improvement, and what other exercises he has to do. She is also taking the speech therapy on the phone by video calls.

DR. Shrimathy has been of great assistance to me, she regularly contact me and monitors my husband’s progress by going through daily recordings of his speeches from Fiji. This in a way makes my husband to practice his speech which was very difficult for me in the past.

I have been going through different hospitals in Fiji for my husband’s treatment but I must say your staffs stood above all. I just wish we had staffs like DR. Shrimathy in Fiji who carry out their duties with such compassion. As far as I know there is no speech therapy department in Fiji, would be very grateful if these types of services is also provided here in Fiji, as there are so many cases of Parkinson’s and stroke patients who needs this type of therapy.

A big congratulation to the Management of MIOT for partnering with BSP Life for MIOT Pacific Hospitals. The Pacific people are looking forward for the change in medical service through this new venture.

Once again thanks to the MIOT Team.

Kind Regards,

Ms. Roshini D Sharma