Vimala Ramani.

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Vimala Ramani.

27th Oct 2018

Good morning Ma’m.

I am Vimala Ramani, a senior citizen of 70 years old. I am an old patient of Dr. Mohandas. We appreciate the growth of MIOT Hospitals which is now recognized as one of the best hospital worldwide. It is the dream of your husband and yourself and now passed on to your son Mr. Prithvi Mohandas. It is not an achievement got in one day.  Your family is highly dedicated , honest, hard working with discipline in every field , and the best medical care without any compromises. I got my total replacement surgery in 2006 by Dr. Barry. I got a key whole surgery for my right shoulder by D. Ram Chidambaram in 2016. Whenever we visit to MIOT and happen to meet the doctors, they still remember us and talk.  It looks so good to see your ladies staff in beautiful, colorful saris neatly draped. Every time when we visit MIOT hospital, I always admire and appreciate the spic and span atmosphere of the hospital. Hats off to you ma’m for the training you have given to the staff. The ladies, who clean the rest rooms, never show long faces and they keep on wiping the rest rooms floor to avoid water spillage after the use of each patient. Right from the Doctors till the ayaas are highly dedicated.  I used to wonder as how such a huge hospital complex can be maintained so meticulously !!! Day before yesterday we came to have our master check-ups done. Meenakshi, a staff who is now in the mater check-up department,  asked us to be there at 7 am for the fasting sugar.  We were there exactly at 7 am and we saw Meenakshi before us was there, greeted us with a friendly smile and helped us to get all the tests done meticulously. In the lab, after taking the blood sample ( fasting sugar), immediately the lab technician girl  gave the canteen coupon and request us to have breakfast and ask us report to them , and noted down the time when we had breakfast and request us to come back after 2 hours for PP blood test. All the staff in all the departments like ECG,ECO cardiogram, Ultrasound, X-ray, Mammogram and Gynae were so kind and helpful to everyone.  Asifa the friendliest person is always there who helps everyone with a cheerful smiling face. Dr. Raji Velmurugan, Dr. Saraswathi Gokulraj are too good and explain everything for a layman to understand. These are the things which make us to visit only MIOT hospitals.

I sincerely pray the Almighty to give you strength to live long and serve the needy.

Thank you very much.

Convey our regards to Mr. Mohandas.

Vimala Ramani.