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Y. Nagarajan and Sita Nagarajan

15th Apr 2017

Dear Madam,

Greetings  to you.

I am   Nagarajan, husband of Sita Nagarajan who undergone Liver Transplant on 2nd  January, 2017 in MIOT Hospitals. Prior to this Liver transplant she was regularly visiting MIOT  for treatment for Cirrhosis Liver problem  since June 2015 and medically managed until October 2016.  She suffered very much due to fluid formation in her abdomen often and admitted four times in MIOT. During the admission in December 2016 the Medical and surgical team of Doctors advised her to get the work up done for Liver transplant fitness.  She was made to be fit enough to register for  Liver Transplant .

By Gods’ grace your hospital could arrange to get her an organ from a donor (deceased) at a short span of time prioritizing her need .  The Liver transplant was successful and she got discharged on 27th Jan. 2017.

While continuous review being carried out, she got infected by H1N1 Flu and Pneumonia and admitted in MIOT for treatment in MI3 ward.  Considering the sickness condition she got  shifted to  M8 ICU on 20th Feb. 2017.  Again with the Team of Medical experts efforts and good medication she recovered from the severe sickness and got discharged on 11th March, 2017.  She is improving and regularly  reviewed in OP Dept.

We  wish to thank  MIOT Hospital for the special care taken for her during the  admissions and the Doctors who have given excellent medical  care to her.   We express our sincere thanks to the duty doctors and the nurses in the MEDICAL  ICU, LIVER ICU & the Gastro Ward.

We understand that you were kind enough to enquire and follow up with the team of Doctors attending her when she was in M8 ICU to send her home hale and healthy.   You were also kind enough to  give concession on the Total medical bill in response to our request through Dr. Surendran . Thank you very much Madam.

We wish to mention our special thanks to the entire team of  Doctors. To mention a few names Dr. Prof. Surendran, Dr. Paari Vijayarahavan, Dr. Vimal Raj, Dr. Prathiban, Dr. Shahil, Dr. Rajeev in Gastro Team, Mr. Sahayam (Transplant coordinator)  and  Dr. Nishit , ICU in- charge  and his team for their great efforts  to save her from such a critical illness and seeing her healthy now.  Our sincere thanks to all your administrative staff who have coordinated with us.

With kind regards,
Y. Nagarajan  and Sita Nagarajan