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Birendra Kumar Pandey

23rd May 2019

Dear Sir,

I am from Varanasi. For the past 3-4 years, I have been having headache and fever. I consulted with different doctors regarding this problem, took medication as advised, but still there was no such improvement so far. After that, I had met a neurology doctor. I did a CT scan and then got admitted. After getting the report, medicine was given.

I was admitted there for almost 60 days, but still I was not fine. I thought there was a chance of kidney failure.

The treatment was not good in Varanasi. I had spent a huge amount of money for my treatment there, but nothing was working. After that, I immediately took a decision to go to Chennai. I came to MIOT Hospitals and got admitted in the emergency ward for 5 days. From there, they transferred me to the medicine ward under Dr. Krishna Das and Meena Mam. Dr. Krishna Das had suggested few tests. The doctor then discussed the case with Urology, Nephrology and Neurology doctors, and the Heart Specialist. After getting all the reports and opinions from all doctors, Dr. Krishna Das and Meena Mam diagnosed the disease. And for that, medications were given immediately. That had a magical effect on me.  I was a person who always used to lie down on the bed, but now, I can stand, and have started walking too. Because of Dr. Krishna Das’ effort, I started recovering very fast.

Managing Director Sir, I want to thank you and your team so much. It is because of them that I am better now.

Thanking you,

Birendra Kumar Pandey

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