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Usha Rao

22nd Jul 2017

Dear Chairman,

Let me first start off with a quick introduction. I am Usha based in Singapore living here for last 22 years. In March this year, my dad was diagnosed with a growth in the Colon and after multiple round of colonoscopy, it was suggested it needed to be removed/operated. That is when I got referred to Dr. Surenderan who suggested we get the operation done at MIOT.  I am writing this email to give you feedback of my great experience at MIOT.

I was quite apprehensive about the hospitals in Chennai and really did not even have a baseline to compare. My younger brother lives in the US and both of came down just 2 days before the admission. I must say we both were very pleasantly surprised by the high standards of cleanliness in the hospital. Throughout our stay there we had many good experiences which I wanted to share.

First and most importantly was the care given by Dr. Surenderan and his team. It was really holistic treatment of both physical and emotional aspect of the patient. My dad is 79 years old and this was his first surgery. Dr Surenderan’s approach (and his smile) really put my dad at ease and prepared him much better for both the surgery and post-operative period as well. His team includes the other docs Dr. Vimal, Dr. Paari and Dr. Ashish. All of them encouraged my dad, answered all our questions patiently and kept us all positive. Very great team, one I am sure you and the hospital are very proud of.

Next is the hospital facility itself. Like I mentioned before the cleanliness and the space in the hospital really brings about a calm among its patients. The layout gives patients the much needed space. Please keep doing this at the same standard. The canteen and the food can be added to this list. I was there with my dad for more than a week and I had my every meal in the canteen. I found it very clean and there was not a single fly in sight. While this may seem to be a simple thing, I truly think all this makes MIOT International.

I also liked the use of technology to connect with patients in the ICU via skype. Though there is no right or wrong approach to visitors in ICU, I can understand the need to keep the environment safe.

The care of the nurses in the ICU and the ward was also worth mentioning. The ICU nurses were very patient and brilliant.

With that, I thank you and the team at MIOT for delivering at International standards. Great job!!!

Thanks and Kind Regards

Usha Rao