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Mr. Datta

15th Apr 2020

We were going into the first phase of the Coronavirus Lockdown when I developed a minor urinary infection (or so I thought!). Never did I imagine it would spiral within the next 3 days into something so complicated that it could
have affected my perfectly healthy kidneys! The situation was saved only due to MIOT’s advanced diagnostics and the expert diagnosis & timely surgery by MIOT’s Head of Urology, Dr. Shanmuga Sundaram. My wife & I would like tosay thank you very much Dr. Sundaram.

After the surgery, the Doctors explained the different stages in my recovery. We realised that any attempt to return home, (even though it was in the city) would have been a risk, given the uncertain environment outside. It may seem a strange decision to many but we decided to stay on at the Hospital during the Coronavirus lockdown as we truly believed that MIOT was the safest place for us in every way!

We are greatly thankful to Dr. Prithvi Mohandas, Managing Director, MIOT International for helping us make the right decisions at every stage – he kept in mind my condition, possible treatment requirements & the environment outside. This extent of empathy & compassion for a patient’s physical & mental condition is very rare in today’s times. It made all the difference to me.

We are also thankful to Dr. Karrthik, Dr. Lakshman & the entire Nursing Team (Sisters Teena, Kripa, Gayatri, Ruby & Sharika) for their patience and constant care during a difficult recovery. We were amazed at the discipline, punctuality & uninterrupted service at MIOT, including the Sodexo team, the ayahs & even the laundry during our entire stay. It was as though the Lockdown never happened at MIOT! Thank you MIOT, you were our rock.
Mr. Datta