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Poonam Dayal

15th May 2020

All my well-wishers and healing hands at MIOT Hospital, Chennai. I would like to share some of my feelings through following words:

This year on 20th April 2020, I completed one year of my liver transplant and started a new, happy and healthy life. Last year before this, about 5 months back  (i.e. December 2018) my health became  bad and I was brought to  MIOT Hospital, Chennai. After investigations, I was informed that  I require a liver transplant treatment.  As my health was slowly deteriorating  when one angel as a donor came and saved my life. I do not know about that angel who gave me the gift of life and happiness to my family. I am always praying solace to his family members for this noble cause.

But, without the great support from the dedicated team at MIOT hospital,  this delicate treatment for me would not have been possible. I want to thank from  my deep heart the dedicated team of the doctors, nurses and all supporting staff for this wonderful service giving a quality life to me. I wish continuing this wonderful service to all needed persons coming to them for any treatment.

I once again thank  this great team at MIOT hospital and offer my full blessings to each of its members.

Best wishes and regards,
Poonam Dayal