MIOT inaugurates a unique emergency evacuation RAMP a new benchmark for patient safety

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MIOT inaugurates a unique emergency evacuation RAMP a new benchmark for patient safety

05th Nov 2022

When one visits a hospital, they entrust their life to it. Healthcare is not only about getting back to good health but also being protected at every moment. The health and safety of children needs extra attention. During an unprecedented emergency, paediatric patients, especially those with heart ailments, could experience claustrophobia, fear, high anxiety, and even panic attacks. This may cause their oxygen levels to be compromised. MIOT International is taking a special measure to ensure the safety of its young patients, by inaugurating a unique emergency evacuation ramp.

The ramp was inaugurated by Shri. B. K. Ravi, IPS, DGP, Director, Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services. The occasion was graced by Shri. Ramani, IPS, Rtd. DGP, Tamil Nadu and Shri. Anoop Jaiswal, IPS, Rtd. DGP, Tamil Nadu.

The MIOT Ramp has been constructed from the paediatric cardiology wing on the fourth floor of the hospital’s Main Building. This is the first and only paediatric care centre to have such a thoughtfully designed ramp facility.The Ramp is connected to the other floors of the building as well. Even though MIOT is equipped with fire-proof elevators, the ramp ensures safe evacuation within 5 minutes. It is also easily accessible from the corridor connecting MIOT’s Main Building and its International Building. The hospital has specially trained its staff to handle emergency evacuations without panic.

The evacuation ramp has been designed to help overcome the most challenging situations. It is fire-proof with reinforced concrete structures designed by expert structural engineers. The surface is laid with anti-skid tiles of the finest international quality. The ramp is constructed with high-grade materials that can withstand any disaster. It has a 2.4 meter width for safe and smooth turns. The 5 degree gradient enables quicker transportation of critically ill patients.

MIOT’s evacuation ramp and disaster-resistant elevators are built in accordance with the mandatory fire safety features and protocols of the Fire and Rescue Services department, Tamil Nadu. The MIOT Ramp is a benchmark for healthcare providers while adhering to the Tamil Nadu Government’s 2016 rule making such a ramp mandatory at new hospitals. This reflects the hospital’s enduring commitment to putting patients first.