TOGETHER with Seychelles in Protecting Your Vision

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TOGETHER with Seychelles in Protecting Your Vision

08th Jul 2022

MIOT International organised a special event “TOGETHER with Seychelles in Protecting Your Vision” on Friday, 8th July 2022 at Eden Bleu Hotel, Seychelles. The event witnessed members from Seychelles Ministry and MIOT International discussing how public and private entities can work together in protecting the Eyes of Seychellois.

Dr. Prithvi Mohandas, Managing Director, MIOT International, addressed the gathering with a welcome note.

Ms. Peggy Vidot, Minister of Health, Seychelles was the Chief Guest who addressed the gathering on the subject “Minister of Health, Seychelles – Vision and Mission”.

Apart from the Health Minister, other dignitaries from the Ministry of Health also delivered a note.

  • “Development of Eye Health Care, Republic of Seychelles” by Dr. Roland Barbe, HOD – Ophthalmology, Victoria Hospital, Seychelles
  • “Managing preventive as well as curative health care” by Dr. Danny Louange, Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Health, Seychelles
  • “MIOT International Total Eye Care is six months old – an overview and audit of the procedures done” by Ms. Lisa Chetty, Director, MIOT International Total Eye Care