MIOT International supported the PhotoWalk in view of Cancer Awareness, organized by IBHI on 11th August, 2013.

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MIOT International supported the PhotoWalk in view of Cancer Awareness, organized by IBHI on 11th August, 2013.

11th Aug 2013

Cancer is Curable

The scourge of cancer is spreading its net to encompass an increasing number of people. An estimated data for 2015 shows that, there would be 4,97,081 male cancer patients and 5,63,808 female cancer patients which would sum up to 10,60,889 cancer patients as compared to 8,19,354 cancer patients in 2004 in India. However the good news is that Cancer is Curable if detected early and if expert treatment is offered subjective to individual body response and health conditions.

Awareness and Early Detection – Key to Success

Ironically, the causative factors for this dreadful disease are still unknown. Therefore, by the time people realize that they are affected by Cancer, which comes to light when they are tested during any serious ailments it is already too late for doctors to offer complete cure. Therefore it is an individual’s responsibility to stay aware and also to spread the message on symptoms, comprehending the necessity for periodic screening and acknowledge preventive measures.

Show that you Care

Disparities between people who fall in different socio-economic groups play a decisive role in approach towards a life threatening disease like cancer. Therefore, every educated citizen should take the onus of spreading the message of awareness to the economically challenged community.

How do we spread Awareness

MIOT International supports the CAREWALK campaign organized by IBHI (Indo- British Health Initiative) in association with The Chennai PhotoWalkers (Group of photography enthusiasts – Exploring the streets of Chennai documenting its history & growth) at MIOT International on 11th August, 2013. The CAREWALK event will involve the PhotoWalkers community to capture the moments of “Care, Comfort & Hope” on the streets of Chennai. The photography enthusiasts are bound to be inspired by the presence of the Ace Cinematographer and most acclaimed filmmaker Mr. Rajiv Menon at the event.

Chief Guest Mr. Rajiv Menon will pick the top 35 clicks that translate the concept and these clicks will find their space at the Hilton for a sale cum exhibition on 6, 7 & 8 September, 2013. He will also grace the event with his presence to inaugurate the exhibition at the Hilton on 6th September, 2013 at 6pm.

The proceeds from the event that are generated through sale of 35 best photographs and T-Shirts will be donated to the ‘Mahesh Memorial Trust’. The Mahesh Memorial Trust is an NGO based in Chennai, working towards creating public awareness about cancer and providing financial aid to economically challenged patients, especially paediatric.

Getting medical professionals to ask the question early

IBHI has organized a grand Indo-UK Oncology Summit in Chennai on 6th & 7th September, 2013. The event brings about 30 healthcare professionals from the United Kingdom and about 60 top oncologists from India to a common platform to discuss challenges and advancements in the oncology discipline pertaining globally. The discussion will not only emphasize on latest technology but also on the responsibility of each doctor to properly diagnose and pick up cancer at early stage.

Helping those who need it most

IBHI extends its philanthropic arm by initiating and propagating the event, convincing doctors from various geographies and reputed institutions to come together in a common platform for a constructive conference and funding an NGO for a cause which works towards the under privileged and most deserving. IBHI aims to generate about Rs.10 Lacs out of this CAREWALK initiative and donate the same to Mahesh Memorial Trust.