MIOT International Celebrates 21st Founders Day - On 12th February 2020

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MIOT International Celebrates 21st Founders Day - On 12th February 2020

12th Feb 2020

MIOT International and its family of 3500 employees celebrated the hospital’s 21st Founder’s Day on 12th February 2020. It was a day to reminisce MIOT’s journey, which began in 1999. The hospital has come a long way since then, by taking giant strides to bring care and hope to not just the people in Chennai, but also to those in need beyond our shores. The teams at MIOT have been transforming lives and fulfilling dreams for the past 21 years. On this special occasion, the hospital celebrated them and recognized those who went beyond the call of duty through sheer passion and compassion to contribute towards the welfare of patients in the past one year.

The 21st Founder’s Day of MIOT International was graced with Mr. Isaia Vaipuna Taape’s presence. Mr. Taape is the Honourable Minister for Health, Social Welfare & Gender Affairs, Tuvalu. He called MIOT’s journey from being a hospital that specialized in orthopaedics & trauma to becoming a multispecialty hospital that offers 63 specialities is an incredible achievement. “The three pillars of MIOT: Founder & Mentor – Prof. Dr. PVA Mohandas, Chairman – Mrs. Mallika Mohandas and Managing Director – Dr. Prithvi Mohandas have each played a stellar role in the hospital’s rise and continue to be the guiding light every single day”, he said.

MIOT Hospitals 21 Founders Day - Hon. Minister Isaia Vaipuna Taape
Photograph seen from left to right: Hon. Minister Isaia Vaipuna Taape, Ministry of Health, Social Welfare & General Affairs, Tuvalu, Mrs. Mallika Mohandas, Chairman, MIOT International, Chennai, MIOT Employee.

Mr. Taape also spoke of the treatment of a 10-year-old paraplegic boy from the Pacific island nation who was brought back to his feet by the interventional neurology team at MIOT.

MIOT Hospitals 21 Founders Day-Hon. Minister Rosy Akbar
Photograph seen from left to right: Hon. Minister Rosy Akbar, Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Fiji, Mrs. Mallika Mohandas, Chairman, MIOT International, Chennai, Prof. Dr. PVA Mohandas, Founder & Mentor, MIOT International, Chennai.

Speaking of 21 years of MIOT, Dr. Prithvi Mohandas said, “The hospital and every single employee reverberate with the qualities, virtues and goals instilled over the last two decades by the Founder of MIOT. One of the virtues of MIOT is punching above its weight, thinking big, and the capacity to never stop improving. This is something that is totally true of the Founder of MIOT”, Dr. Prithvi Mohandas added.

Recalling Dr. PVA Mohandas’ pioneering spirit and his belief in the importance of accident rescue, accident survival and treatment within the golden hour, the Managing Director said, “Dr. PVA Mohandas pioneered the concept of instituting live-saving head to toe treatment within the hour of the accident right here in Chennai before it was introduced to the rest of India.”

Mrs. Mallika Mohandas thanked the Founder for his vision of setting up MIOT and making world-class healthcare accessible and affordable to all, and the entire team at MIOT for their dedication and determination to provide the best for patients, day in and day out. “Today’s events have reaffirmed my belief that we are on the right track”, she added.

The Founder’s Day celebration also provided an opportunity for MIOT’s doctors to showcase their findings and experiences through enlightening presentations.