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10th Apr 2019

MIOT ELECTROCARDIOCON, an insightful workshop on cardiac-electrophysiology, was conducted on 6th April 2019 at MIOT International. The purpose of this initiative was to simplify the complexities surrounding cardiac-electrophysiology and make it easy to comprehend, as the subject is often less understood. Eminent experts and leaders in the field of cardiac-electrophysiology were invited to share their invaluable knowledge on the subject. With over 300 delegates, comprising MD and DM students in attendance, the workshop was a roaring success.

Owing to a rousing reception, MIOT ELECTROCARDIOCON is expected to return next year and continue to feature every year as a flagship event at MIOT.

Programme Highlights

Normal ECG & its Variants Dr. Guruprasad S Dr. Gnanavelu Ganesan
Dr. S. Venkatesan
Dr. Pradeep G Nayar
Dr. K. U. Natarajan
Ischaemia & Infarction Dr. A. M. Karthigesan
Conduction Disturbances Dr. Ashish Nabar
Sinus Node Dysfunction Dr. K. Chandrasekaran
INAUGURAL SPEECH by Dr. Prithvi Mohandas,
Managing Director, MIOT International
Narrow Complex Tachycardia Dr. K. U. Natarajan Dr. K. Kannan
Dr. E. Satishkumar
Dr. K. Chandrasekaran
Dr. N. Swaminathan
Broad Complex Tachycardia Dr. Ashish Nabar
ECG in Congenital Heart Disease Dr. John Roshan
AF Pathophysiology & Management Dr. A.M. Karthigesan
Introduction to Electrophysiology & Radio
Frequency Ablation
Dr. Jayaprakash Shenthar
Pacemaker ECG & Repolarization Abnormalities Dr. K. U. Natarajan Dr. Ashish Nabar
Dr. Karthigeyan
Dr. John Roshan
Dr. Y. Vijayachandra Reddy
Dr. Viginesh Thanikgaivasan
His Bundle Pacing Dr. Shunmuga Sundaram
CRT-Indication & Response to Therapy Dr. Raja Selvaraj
Recognition of Sudden Cardiac Death & its Prevention Dr. K. Jaishankar
*The Winning team was awarded Rs.10,000, while the Runner-up team took home Rs.5000.