MASSIVE BRAIN STROKE - 35 year old engineer saved by an Innovative Procedure at MIOT Hospitals - Press Meet - 19th November 2011.

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MASSIVE BRAIN STROKE - 35 year old engineer saved by an Innovative Procedure at MIOT Hospitals - Press Meet - 19th November 2011.

19th Nov 2011

STROKE is a devastating condition and more than 80% of strokes are due to blocks in a blood vessel. If treatment is instituted early, patients can recover well.

Patient Details

35-year-old engineer developed sudden onset of giddiness and unconsciousness at 10 am in the morning. His wife took him to nearby nursing home. He was sent for a MRI where they found he had a large stroke involving the backside of the brain with complete block of one major vessel to the brain (vertebral artery and basilar artery). Patient continued to deteriorate rapidly and developed respiratory distress. He was referred to MIOT Hospitals at 5.30 pm.

What Procedure was done?

Patient was put on life support, stabilized in ICU and he was taken to cathlab. The block in the blood vessel was very extensive. A small micro catheter was taken from the groin through a pinhole into the blocked brain blood vessel. Then a newly developed retrievable stent was passed through this catheter. The clot was removed completely by this new device. Patient was electively ventilated and on next day he completely recovered and started eating his food in 24 hours. The entire procedure was completed in the cathlab in one hour. No open surgery was done.

How is acute stroke treated – Golden Hour for stroke treatment:

Patients with stroke need to go to a major hospital near by where all facilities for interventional treatment are available. The golden hour for revascularization is within 3 – 6 hours. If patient reaches within 3 hours, intravenous clot busters can be given. If clot load is high, direct administration of clot busters into the clot is done by arterial route from the groin. The recanalisation however takes time. But however if we use a mechanical clot-removing device, clot can be removed very fast. This is a unique procedure, which was done, in this young gentleman.

Retrievable stents for clot removed have been started in the western countries in the last one year. In the recent interventional strokes conference meeting in USA held in February 2011 in Dallas, the advantages of the clot removal system over clot busters was accepted by all experts involved in the fields of stroke management.

What is unique in this case?

  • Mechanical clot retrieving device was used for first time in Chennai in this young patient.
  • The entire procedure was done from a small pinhole in the groin.
  • This young man is back on his feet thanks to this unique innovative technique.

The Team

The procedure was performed by a team of Interventional Radiologist, supported by Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, Intensivist and supported by Paramedical personnel

  • Press meet welcome speech by Prof. Dr. PVA. Mohandas and Case Presentation to the media by Dr. Murali.
  • Seen in the photograph (from left to right): Prof. Dr.P.V.A.Mohandas - Managing Director - MIOT Hospitals; Dr. Murali - Chief Interventional Radiologist - MIOT Hospitals, Mr. Ganesh Babu (Patient - who underwent the surgery), Mrs. Ganesh Babu; Mrs. Mallik
  • During the press interaction.