Look who dropped by at MIOT. It’s Baby Grace

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Look who dropped by at MIOT. It’s Baby Grace

12th Jun 2018

What a delight it was to meet Baby Grace Kiarah Cheryl from Seychelles again. It was only a year ago that the 2-year-old came to MIOT International for treating Biliary Atresia, a childhood disease of the liver in which the bile ducts are absent. After a successful surgery at our hospital, she became the 1st paediatric liver transplant patient from Seychelles.

This year, Baby Grace was back at MIOT for a health check-up and review. We’re glad to report that she has responded very well to the treatment. Today, she is healthier and bubblier, like any kid should be.

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When Baby Grace visited MIOT with her mother, our Madam Chairman couldn’t wait to meet the little one and check on how far and well she has progressed since her surgery. She was even touched to hear the 3-year-old thank her profusely for the treatment. After wishing Baby Grace well for the future, our Madam Chairman gifted some cool goodies for her to take back to Seychelles. It was a heart-warming moment for all us at MIOT.

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