First Ever Advanced Shoulder Course in Chennai

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First Ever Advanced Shoulder Course in Chennai

18th Jan 2018

IGOF, supported by MIOT International presents a 2 day Global Specialist Focus on the Upper Limb with the First ever Advanced Shoulder Course in Chennai.

Let us break up our last 1 hour at home every morning, into a series of activities that we routinely and unconsciously do before leaving for work:
1. Pull open the cupboard for a fresh set of formal clothes
2. Put on the clothes and button them up
3. Comb hair neatly into place, apply various cosmetics & fragrances
4. Feed ourselves breakfast & put on footwear
5. Reach out or pull open a draw for vehicle keys
6. Pick up or strap on heavy laptop bags
7. Drive ourselves to work.

IGOF First ever Advanced Shoulder Course Press Photo
Seen in the photograph from left to right: Mrs. Mallika Mohandas, Chairman MIOT International., Dr. Ram Chidambaram, Director – MIOT Centre for Sports Medicine, Shoulder & Upper Limb Surgery MIOT International. (Press meet event on 18th Jan 2018 at MIOT)

Think about it. The above routine which ensures that we go to work efficiently every day and earn a living that supports us and our loved ones, happens largely due to the seamless and continuous movements in our Upper Limb (shoulder, elbow, hand & wrist). It is led predominantly by the Shoulder joint & muscles) which we are rarely conscious of until there is a breakdown caused by a dislocation, fracture, rotator cuff tear or arthritis. Now the slightest movement turns painful, slow and sometimes impossible. We need assistance, our activities are restricted and our efficiencies drop drastically.

Overseas, where independent living is the norm and productivity at work is mandatory,  patients seek Specialist care and treatments immediately for Upper Limb injury which restores them to pre damage status in most cases. But strangely in India patients have preferred to ‘adjust their range of activity’ after unsatisfactory medical treatments which have been either incomplete or non-specific from General medical practitioners. Patients have also been greatly discouraged & misguided by information available on treatment results so far.

In short, we have failed to realise that the Upper Limb requires Specialist care just as the Lower limb (knee & hip) does.

Specialist Focus

In India, MIOT International, the leading Center for Orthopaedics in India has for the last 6 years been providing Specialist Upper Limb care with excellent results through its dedicated ‘MIOT Upper Limb and Shoulder Replacement Unit’. Dedicated specialists, advanced infrastructure and latest treatments have ensured a high volume of surgeries and other treatments with good, long term results for patients coming in from all parts of India and other countries.

We at MIOT International, intend to take it to the next level by raising the level of awareness and expertise in the Upper Limb speciality across India through teaching, training and promotion of Shoulder surgeries and treatments especially among young Orthopaedic surgeons. This will be taken up under the aegis of IGOF (Indo German Orthopaedic Foundation) and will be flagged off on Jan 19th and 20th at MIOT International through the 1st Advanced Shoulder Course in Chennai. The Meet to be led by eminent surgical experts from Germany, Belgium, Netherland & India will be the First ever region specific meeting on shoulder problems in Chennai. It will provide the Medical fraternity with great opportunities to interact, discuss, learn and get updated on the latest treatments & techniques from international and national faculty.

The 2 day Event which will cover the entire spectrum of shoulder surgeries, includes Shoulder Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty, & treatments for Trauma and Tumors.

Participants will view live surgeries & Teams of young surgeons will present papers in Surgery for Meet Awards.
Over 600 participants including orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists and post graduates in the field of orthopaedics are expected to attend.

Let us together restore the Upper Limb to its rightful Specialist position.