CHIME turns 7 on World Heart Day - Happy faces on a wonderful day

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CHIME turns 7 on World Heart Day - Happy faces on a wonderful day

29th Sep 2014

And 700+ is the number of children aided by CHIME. Not to forget the number of other needy patients, especially in the emergency unit of MIOT Hospitals who were aided when we had to go ahead with their treatment and never turn them out due to lack of funds.

The CHIME office did not wear the Hospital look this day, as children just were too eager, full of gaiety and laughter, the place was ringing with happiness. They came together, started off the day with putting down their feelings in art form, drawing as they waited for friends of CHIME, our supporters without whom CHIME could not have walked this way.. And they did drop in to say Hello to them.

It was indeed Party Time. Our Chairman, Doctors and staff of the Pediatric Cardio Unit and CHIME were all there to welcome them, and join parents and children to make it a memorable and beauteous day.

Vaugn Pinto wanted to write a verse for CHIME which he wrote so beautifully expressing his feelings..

You’ve been there for me,
When I needed you most,
I try to recall what happened when I was in the theatre.
You appeared and helped me with a golden coast,
Thank you CHIME,
For now I know I made a friend for life.

And so did Sivaranjan express through his drawing, thanking CHIME– 7 years later, after a critical surgery, he is now in college doing his B Com.

Little Jyoti Nila from the gypsy community was really thrilled she could do what she liked with her sketch pens, paper and pencil.

And so did all the other kids – Gavaskar, Padayappa, Rosemary, Viswa Prakash Nityashree, Akshiyni, Dinesh and a number of other children.

Events 7th Birthday Celebration of CHIME
Place MIOT Hospitals, Chennai on 29th September, 2014