1st time in India - FRCS Exit Exam Course conducted in General surgery (Preparatory Course) @ MIOT International Chennai.

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1st time in India - FRCS Exit Exam Course conducted in General surgery (Preparatory Course) @ MIOT International Chennai.

15th Apr 2016
What is FRCS exam?

The FRCS examination is conducted in the United Kingdom as part of the qualifying process which a doctor needs to undergo in order to become a Consultant in his or her chosen surgical speciality. The exam is normally taken by candidates who have completed six years of specialist postgraduate training and are on their way to become a Specialist.

How is it obtained conventionally?
Previously the normal route for obtaining a FRCS degree was to secure a training post as a Specialist Registrar in the United Kingdom and then sit for the exam in their fifth year of training.

What’s new in this FRCS (International) Exit Exam
  • The four Royal colleges of the United Kingdom and Ireland have introduced this new FRCS (International) Exit examination specifically aimed at International candidates who have completed their postgraduate training or close to completion of their surgical training (in their country).
  • To help the candidates successfully complete this prestigious examination various courses are held in the UK. For the 1st time in India the Royal college of Surgeons of Edinburgh in association with MIOT International Hospital is holding a 3 day course specifically aimed at helping Indian postgraduates getting their FRCS degree.
  • This 3 day course is conducted by a team consisting of surgeons both from the United Kingdom and Chennai.
  • The team from the United Kingdom consists of surgeons working at the Christie Hospital that is a premier institute for treating cancer patients in the UK. Surgeons from MIOT Hospital are also part of the team of trainers. Dr. Prithvi Mohandas MD of MIOT International has been instrumental in providing the patronage for conducting the course.
  • This will,
  • Greatly increase the chance of the candidate to pass the exam.
  • Remove the need for training and living in the UK.
  • Remove the requirement to spend large sum of money studying for the exam in UK or attending course in UK.
Who will benefit
  • Indian Surgeons who have completed their postgraduate training (MS, DNB, Mch) or in the process of completing their training can apply to sit for this examination.
  • It will give them an opportunity to obtain an international qualification that will be recognized worldwide.
  • Following successful completion of the examination the Surgeon should be able to achieve a standard that will enable him or her to work a as an independent Consultant.
More details about this course
  • The course is run over 3 days (14th April to 16th April, 2016) and gives the candidates an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the structure and conduct of the examination.
    Various aspects of the examination are covered including topics of interest for the exam and preparation for MCQs.
  • In addition the candidates are provided with an opportunity to test their viva skills during the mock vivas that will be held during the course.
  • A clinical examination will be also conducted on the third day thus giving the candidates a comprehensive overview of the FRCS examination. The course will give them an experience that will be as close as it can be to the actual examination scenario.
  • The specialties that are covered include General Surgery, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Urology, Neurosurgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery.
  • The applicants should have completed six years since completion of their MBBS and need to provide three structured references and submit a logbook in order to attain their eligibility to sit for the examination.
  • The candidates should have completed a structured training programme and Indian training will be considered for eligibility to appear for the examination.
  • Following successful completion of the examination the candidates will be eligible to become a Fellow of one of the Royal colleges.


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